Parry and JD before you can block

Has anyone heard of this? I know that against a P or K groove Blanka you cannot punish his level 3 direct lightening with a feirce ball, you have to have a level 3 direct lightening your self to punish. If you try to punish with a ball the other blanka can parry or JD, before they can block. Try it.

Are there other instances that you have found where you can parry or JD before you can block??


After Sagat level 3 hotfoot super, most characters can uppercut him for free after. If Sagat is P or K, only Sagat, Ken and Akuma have fast enough uppercuts (3 frames for Sagat, 2 for Ken and Akuma) to hit guaranteed. I would assume that 2 or 3 frame jabs word work also, but timing is way more lenient on reversal specials.

EDIT: Never mind, after testing that out I found that I was completely wrong. This is what the Japanese people were telling us at Evo 2k2 and I never really tested it out. 2 frame moves are ALWAYS guaranteed, every time. 3 frame moves are NEVER guaranteed. There isn’t an “in-between” area where you can only JD or parry but cannot block. Japanese players told us that JDing and parrying is faster than blocking, but as far as the Sagat hotfoot example goes they’re wrong.

(getting really off-topic) Most 2 frame moves in the game are close jabs, and 90% of the time after blocking Sagat’s lv3 hotfoot you’re too far away to get a close jab. After some quick research here’s what I found for good lv3 hotfoot punishers:

Iori standing jab
Chun Li low jab
Blanka Ball
Blanka standing jab
Bison low jab
Sagat standing jab
Benimaru low jab
Sakura standing jab
Balrog standing jab
Shoto standing jab
Ken/Akuma uppercut
Nakoruru standing jab
Haohmaru low jab
Zangief SPD
Almost any super grab

According to the book Bison’s fierce Psycho Crusher is 2 frames and therefore should be able to punish Sagat’s lv3 hotfoot, but strangely enough it doesn’t work at all.

Of course short characters can sometimes crouch under Sagat’s hotfoot super and easily punish him with whatever, but whether you actually crouch under it or not seems totally random to me.