Parry bonus stage

this is stupid but howcome when ever i get to the parry bonus stage its at level 2 when ive seen guys in the arcade get a level eleven parry bonus stage…i even get b’s and A’s and i still get level 2…


i’m pretty sure the highest level is 5.

there are also 2 versions of level 5. the first one is easy, the second involves ground and air parries.

you can get to those via 2 paths.

  1. you have to get high grades. Bs and As don’t count. they have to be in the SS++ to MSF range.

  2. when the screen says bonus stage, hold down + jab + forward + fierce for level 5 v.1 and up + short + strong + roundhouse for level 5 v.2.

if i’m not mistaken, level 4 is down + all 3 punches.

happy parrying.


I thought it was Up and all three punches.

I got Level 4 yesterday with Down + All 3 Kicks. lol
Just got Level 3 with Up + All 3 Kicks.

I can’t get Level 5 to work with jab, forward, fierce.

did you hold down + those buttons?


I’ll try some more. I can’t even get Level 3 and 4 to work again. I am using the JP Arcade board btw.

i’m guessing it’s 'cuz you pressed the buttons too late.

you have to input the cheat when the screen shows Sean and whichever character you’re using. not in the actual bonus stage, but the vs. screen where it shows who you’re facing. before the announcer says “bonus stage!” you have to have held the stick position + the buttons down.


Ok I got down + jab, forward, and fierce to work for Level 5. It wasn’t too hard so I guess it was v.1