Parry c.lp super punish ONLY compendium

fellow chuns!
i made this thread to help compile a list of the moves which on parry are punishable with sa2 only from a c.lp -> sa2!
ill update the first post with any moves people list later in the thread, hopefully we can get this thing going.
ill start it off with the only 2 i can think off of the top of my head but im going to look at vids to try to find more to add so we can have a better list.

Ibuki’s toward+mk command overhead
Urien’s jump in rh
Chun’s Lightning Legs

lets get it rollin chuns!

Chun-Li - Lightning Legs

I’d say just about everything apart from projectiles

Doesn’t that depend on whether he hits early or late? I also think SAII has 3 frames of start up. So wouldn’t this list only consist of the few moves that have a disadvantage of 3 frames?

yeah it depends on the timing. but you already knew that so i don’t know why you asked.
pretty much that would be the frame data but you are forgetting…
this is for parried moves where depending on the strength of the move the freeze (frame ad/disad) is different depending.
jabs add +4 freeze to allow you more time to retaliate, so no its not just a list of moves that naturally have -3 frames. plus there are ranging issues.

i don’t think that its terribly easy to find all the clp punishable only moves just from frame data charts since theres more that goes into the equation.

I completely missed the part about punishing after the parry freeze. My bad. :sweat:

Edit: Come to think of it, I don’t know why it didn’t click earlier seeing as it’s in the thread title.

uriens j.HK is unpunishable if he does it at the right range/height fyi.