Parry Gem to Replace Ultimate Defense?


I’d like that. Who else would?


Don’t you think the game is already pretty messed up?


Well, couldn’t make it worse, I guess.


Ok, ultimate defense is supposed to be for new people, so how the hell if they have trouble blocking would they be able to parry anything?


Parry gem would screw with the metagame way too much. Parrys let you do crazy stuff like jump in safely (even more safely) and punish safe pokes. Every high level player would use it.


We have a winner.

Auto gems are for beginners.

Even Capcom’s official rules for their own tournament prove this. Auto tech and auto block gems are banned in THEIR OWN TOURNAMENT.

Again, auto gems are for BEGINNERS.

Stop using them.

Unless you turn up your handicap when you play in versus with your friends…


But, but, but… the points… How are you supposed to get them otherwise?

The users are well aware of what they are…




Fought a Hugo with the Life gem (the one that increases overall vitality) and his partner was a geif with super easy input which he used to spam green hands and SPDs
along with auto block on one of them I can’t remember may have been on both of them
all I know is the fight was an absolute nightmare of a joke.


Took the words right outta my mouth.


Ultimate defense isn’t for new people, it’s for people who want to buy an advantage for themselves. Don’t see why a parry gem would be contrary to the purpose of gems.


Auto-block, auto-tech, parry… No Gem should give an aditional option. The Boost Gems are acceptable precisely because they improve your character’s stats, not your options.


Parry gem would be cool but it would have to activate some other ability - parries aren’t really worth it when most combos can just be chained, you’d have to knock them out of the chain or something.


Burst gem.


How about they just work once a round and costs no meter. Ultimate defense could work twice or once for a block and once for a tech. The real problem with them is the meter cost allows them to almost always be on.


Yeah, i’d prefer Burst or Circuit Spark Gem (like Guilty Gear bursts or Melty Blood curcuit sparks). It will be passive, cost 2 meters (or even 3 meters) to activate and it will interrupt any opponent’s combo (except of super and cross-arts), just like cross-cancel, but this gem will work from hitstun.


just say that you want MK9 combo-breaker system


Why not just add X-factor… X-factor fixes everything… right?


Я все-таки предпочту сравнение с MB или GG. В MB такая возможность всю шкалу стоит.


You could just parry the chain? Have you seen the things people do in 3rd Strike?