Parry is nearly unused in competitive play



A skill that almost requires you to use it as a hard read is not used in the competitive scene where everyone has countless hours of footage available to pre-download their opponents patterns and tendencies.

What can be done to this skill to make it actually worthwhile? As it stands, the risk far exceeds the reward.


it’s not meant to be a major move or a go to move
it is just extra utility
just like every other v skill in the game, it has it’s place and time to use it
the risk/reward is just the same as most of the others
it’s not something you rely on
you get a read on the opponent and you use it at the time it’s useful


What? There are a ton of V-Skills that are far more useful.

to name afew…
Guile uses his almost constantly.
Chun’s gives her a long range fast jump for mobility and mixups
Ken’s makes for some really odd timings and is integral to his game
Cammy blows right past fireballs for free damage
Necalli’s is an anti-fireball fireball that recovers fast enough to block said fireball

Ryu’s V-Skill is easily in the bottom 3.


And they all have different situations where you should use it
You can punish ken’s if he uses his as wrecklessly as ryu uses his
Same as Chun
Same as Cammy
Same as Guile
Same as Necalli

They all have a purpose and they are not all go-to moves
Ryu has a chance to punish a safe move for 200+ damage if used correctly not to mention parrying projectiles for meter
But it’s not something that you try to use 90% of the time
It’s not something you should rely on
Especially when you have plenty of other good tools/moves/normals


The other dude pretty much debunked your argument so no need to speak on that. As for Ryu’s V-skill being bottom 3. Seeing as how ryu is placing in top 8 around majors and even 2nd by Tokido at Red Bull Kumite 2016. It ain’t that important. like the other dude said, It’s extra utility that should an opportunity arise to utilize it, then go for it, but don’t bank on it.


And Ryu as a character is typically placed top 3. Too much whining. I don’t care if parry is useless, it is sick as hell when you land one.


I’mma raise your bottom 3 to my top 3 parry uses:

  1. projectiles. Talking to you ken and guile.
  2. Vega’s ex drop claw…ting ting ting
  3. Bread and butter blockstrings…after cammy’s v skill, after nash’s jump in + mp…


I think you’re overlooking the parry’s value as a deterrent. A lot of characters have reactable approach options in this game, stuff like Nash’s Moonsault or Cammy’s V skill. Things that move them in and are safe on block. Everyone can punish that stuff somehow or another, but when Ryu parries it he makes it hurt a lot worse than most characters and the initial reaction is relatively easy. This means that you’re going to see people using those tactics a lot less against Ryu. It’s not flashy, but it’s a definite strength of the parry that contributes a lot to Ryu’s strength in this game.


It’s only “punishing” if the opponent does not react to being parried by blocking and you follow up your parry with a light link punish and they are at > 3 recovery.

When you parry an attack, usually the opponent can simply block unless you happen to parry something that was highly unsafe to begin with.

If you are attacked with a 7 frame attack, you must parry within 4-5 frames. This is pretty much outside the realm of human reaction speeds. That’s .08s best case. Humans have an average reaction time being around .16-.20s… .16 being extremely quick twitch reaction. The safest thing to do on reaction to the same 7 frame attack is just to block which gives you .12s of reaction time and you’re probably already gravitating towards holding back anyways.


This thread is amazing.


Those moves I mentioned both have 30+ frames of startup and leave Ryu at least +6 when you parry them, you’ve got enough time to land Ryu’s biggest punish combos that start with MP and cr.HP. Some other similar examples are Mika’s charged HK, Zangief’s charged HP and Ken’s heavy tatsu.

You might notice that all of these moves can be used as predictive punishes for Ryu’s fireball. Ryu’s V skill seems to be specifically designed to complement his fireball game by giving him unusually strong punishes against moves that avoid fireballs and are safe on block.

There is some potential for using it as a counter to an opponent who is using predictable pokes, but I think that’s definitely a secondary use and not a tactic I expect to see people rely on.