Thanks for all the great advise so far. Here is another issue I have that I’m looking to improve on:

I have this phobia of performing a Parry. I just can’t shake the idea that I’m “guessing” on catching his low hit upon wakeup. I’m too use to low-blocking any low meaty attack. By nature, the use of a Low Parry in my fight is by complete accident. However I want to turn the tide here and learn to control this weakness. There is this one specific concept that I can’t quite grasp:

When you attempt a parry, and no attack is thrown by the opponent… are you left with some type of vulnerability in the form of a “Parry Recovery Frame”?

This is the scenario. I’m in good jump-in distance. My opponent is standing and awaiting my action. My plan is to jump in, air parry any of his anti-air attacks, land clean and counter him.
Here is the dilema:
When I’m jumping in with the intention of a mid-air parry… do I need to guess in the dark on the moment of contact, or , can I tap twards on the stick to enter ~5-6 parry commands while I’m airborne?

If the case is I have to time it right, then it’s obvious I’m going to need practice. However if it’s possible to enter 5-6 parry commands on a jump-in, then that pretty much is the end of that issue. This concept of “Parry Recovery” originates from my experience with doing and accidental Parry when I’m going for a dp. It will happen like this: I go through the command to dp, and I’m expecting a clean hit: BUT… On Accident… My character (Akuma) executes a parryxxdp.

My conclusion is that the Fwd command for the dp was accepted as a parry command, and the rast of the motions for the dp was accepted to complete the command. With this in mind, it would seem that there is no “Parry Recovery” frame/time. So as a result, If I’m jumping in or laying on the ground… I can rapidly enter 5-6 parry commands and block anything. However this is just some situation that I’m recalling. I don’t own the DC version so I can’t go out and try this. If you can explain the properties of Parry in a better way, then please share. Thanks for the replies.

While you can’t just mash a parry, you’re still generally ok if you guess-parry and they don’t throw anything out. So, as per your jump-in example, if you attempt a parry when you believe the opponent might attack, and then hit a button directly afterward, your attack won’t be affected either way. By the same token, you can mash “down” randomly during a match any time you feel like it, and it doesn’t really effect anything. You’ll either crouch for a split second or parry a low poke. Win-Win.


parry phobia lol

Learn option select… like block/tech at the same time.

Low parrying also parries SRKs… but Akuma’s SRK does 3 hits so you’re have to poke him real fast. (Who does wake-up SRK anyways lol)

The real threat here is the universal overhead… low-block and low-parry = UOed > comboed. If you’ve been low-blocking on wake-ups for 3 times in a row, anyone would do a wake-up overhead.

If you think he’s going for a trip (Or it’s so meaty that you can spot it), block/parry (duh) and counter-trip or combo. If it’s obvious it’s an overhead moment, wake-up SRK.

A wake-up Super Art will discourage him from future wake-up trips or throws. But it’s not that great of an idea considering the consequences so only do it like once as a "IMMA GONNA DO THAT SO DON’T WAKE-UP HIT ME FOO) sign.

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