Parry proof anti-air?

What are other folks using as parry proof anti-air with Ryu? I’ve played a lot of capable players recently and though I try to discourage them jumping, they have pretty good odds to parry and create an opening, because everything Ryu has for anti-air is just one hit. It’s costing me big damage, because anti-air Shoryuken is hugely punishable.

I’ve tried his target combo, but it doesn’t pay off for me. On occasions where they jump and attack, I find that the HP either loses or trades. If they jump in deep, or attempt to cross over, the HP misses completely.

For some characters, I get mileage by meeting them in the air with J.MP, but divekicks are too quick to use this against, and Ken’s EX Hurricane is a threat. It also requires pretty good reflexes to meet them early enough to come out on top. I much prefer to stay grounded.

Any ideas?

You have a few options…

Spamming jab - Doesn’t really have the reach or priority to stuff actual jump in attacks, but should beat out someone trying to bait an AA.

c.fp > tatsu/srk - Ex for good measure. These are pretty difficult to parry.

I think if you time it right, you can hit them with a deep srk canceled into sa1, or sa2. Good luck.

What about a deep EX SRK?

Yeah that can definitely work. It depends on your opponent. I would avoid an ex srk into sa1 though because you are going to lose a lot of damage. You can also cancel standing jabs into (ex) srk’s. I’ve also seen Nomoto do standing mp into mp srk with Akuma, and that might work for Ryu too.

I’ve tried doing the crouching fierce into srk, but if I do it too late, I can’t get the srk to come out. Is crouching fierce only cancelable during the beginning of the attack (like while his hand is still below his head)?

It should be the same timing as if you were comboing a standing opponent. You might want to stick to the tatsu if you can because it’s a bit safer if they just get hit by the c.hp.

I think that one is safer to do until your timing is down. Even if it doesn’t hit it will get you out of being hit. What exact situations are you talking about or is this just a general question?

Some part of my strategy for dealing with jump-ins has to be anti-air. I parry some stuff. I block other stuff. If I have time I will dash under. Now and again though, I anti-air to keep them honest. The trouble is that Ryu is easily parried when dealing with jumping opponents.

Ken’s HP Shoryuken is a tough parry, Akuma’s isn’t that easier either, but Ryu’s is parry bait. It’s one parry and a very easy parry at that.

Well, I hope you get some good mileage out of these!

Does that include EX tatsu? I just want to be sure before I start making a fool of myself. Also, if you’re just canceling c. fierce into a non EX tatsu, which strength would you reccomend?

Yes, ex tatsu should work as well, although I have to say that these are just mixups. The idea is that if they parry the c.hp, they will get hit by the tatsu or srk you follow up with. If they get hit by the c.hp, all these moves will still come out, so you need to choose the one you feel most comfortable with based on how punishable it is, and if you can afford the meter. If your opponent is pretty parry happy, then the c.hp > ex tatsu is your best bet to knock them away, but conversely, if your opponent gets hit by the c.hp, you’ll be expending meter, and might get yourself hit with a combo. With all that in mind, I’d say your best bet most of the time is c.hp > lk tatsu. If they eat the c.hp, you should be safe after the tatsu, and unless they are expecting this kind of AA, you should knock them away cleanly.

Thanks man. This should help a lot. People like to jump in on me all the time.

Depends on opponent, their character and range. Ryu has no answer to all anti air option. The better your opponent is at air parrying the more options and different looks you’re going to have to go through. General rule for me is I don’t really go for much if I’m outside of low forward range. Usually just walk back and block and there isn’t much they can do. Or I’ll parry if I’m sure about their attack. Inside of low forward range if you block their jump in’s they can usually mix you up so you don’t wanna just let them jump in on you. From here, if you see the jump early you can jump straight up fierce or jump up forward strong. Sometimes that is enough to keep people off of you. You can also walk/dash under and mix up.

You should always start with those options since it now makes them looking to parry first when they jump. Now that opens up standing jab/strong since it’s less likely they’ll get stuff out. mix from there if they parry with more jabs or an ex hurricane kick/fireball. standing strong is a bit more risky. Now if you have your opponent looking to parry an attack in that range you can fake them out by doing low forward into any attack.

Of course there are character specific things you have to do to some people like standing rh vs dudley to catch him on the way up, or uppercutting necro drills on reaction. deep d+fp works extremely well on alex. Going through every character would take too much time. :wasted:

with ryu u have to mix up all his anti air options… u can change the timing of his s.rh… u can do a jump mp… s.fp>rh… if they parry the fp the rh will usually hit em… if u know for sure they are trying to parry do a>cancel to whatever… but the key is not to rely on AA’s to win the match… try to be in control after any knockdown

i think the point is exactly what was mentioned above…

anti-air mix-up and different timing for those… either that or no anti-air at all… imo

I’ve found that far strong is a good starter for anti-air mix ups. Because it has so little recovery you can easily follow up immediately with a hurricane kick, shoryu, fireball, or nothing. And since it’s not a cancel, you can vary the timing by a lot. Just a word of warning, though, standing strong to shoryu is unsafe if they get hit by the strong, so you have to parry confirm (?) that shit.

If they’re jumping in with an attack, you should be the one parrying 90% of the time.

Target combo is the buster that stops empty jumping BS. Target combo (due to HP) will loose vs a lot of the jumping attacks worth performing.

Another viable option is to zone with HK from the beginning. Pump meter with mp between movement. When your oponent flinches, and catch them early.

S.HK is a god send with Ryu.

So good to catch early jumps like above post mentioned. Plus it comes out relativly uick so it beats out a lot of moves.


But like it was mentioned much earlier in the thread, it can very easily become parry fodder. The purpose of the thread was for people who were getting and srk and stuff parried.

Good read. Thanks a lot.

I tried to use far-standing MP too, but it wasn’t always working out for me. I’d occasionally get beat-out by a j.Roundhouse or something when I felt I was at the perfect range with perfect timing.