Parry Safe Anti-airs

Well this may seem to be a fruitless exercise for some of the more experienced players out there, but I intend this thread to be more of a reference point for not only newcomers to the game but for my own improvement as a player. Lets’ face it, because of parrying there are very few all purpose anti-airs, unlike other Capcom fighters, Geese cr. HP anyone, so consequently one has to not only take into consideration the range and trajectory of the jump, but the fact you may be parried.
With this in mind I’m trying to compile a list of anti-air options for each character that are more or less safe, whether you are parried or not. However I am ommitting options that are more or less universal for the whole cast, such as,1) air to air normals such as Q’s jumping mk and Makoto jump rh, 2) dash under the jump, 3) wait and block or attempt to parry and 4) rapid fire jabs cancelled into random special move.
Please feel free to make any corrections or additions as you may see fit.

Ken: Far st mp.

Ryu: Far st hp. (can chain to rh)
St hk.
Far st mp. (cancel into hurricane kick to get airbourne and limit damage options)

Dudley: St rh/mp (cancel to ducking to evade)
St mk (continue chain if parried)

Oro: Cr hp (tends to evade jump attack when parried)
Close st mp (super jump cancel away or cancel to chicken kick on parry)
Far st mp

Yun: Close st mp (cancel to dragon kick if necessary)
Far st mp (continue chain if parried)
Close st mk (super jump cancel if necessary)
Cr mp (cancel to dragon kick)

Ibuki: ??? ( Refer to srk wiki)

Remy: Far/Close st mp
Cr mp (??)
Cr hp

Chun-Li: B+ hp (cancel to hundred kicks)
Close st rh (super jump cancel if necessary)

Makoto: Cr rh (tends to evade opponent when parried)
Cr mk (??)
St mp

Akuma: Far st mp (can cancel to hurricane kick/demon flip)
Far st rh (??- similar in safety to Ryu’s)
Cr hp/ Close st hp (can cancel to hurricane kick/demon flip)

          (N.B   Demon flip gets airbourne instantly similar to Urien's    Headbutt) 

Urien: St mp

Q: Cr mp
B + mp

Alex: St mp
F+ mp (??)

Elena: ???

Hugo: St hp ?

Yang: Far st mp (continue chain if parried)
Close st mp (??)
Close st mk (super jump cancel if necessary)
Cr hp

Twelve: Ex Needles
Ex Dive
St hp

Sean: Cr hp

Necro: Cr mp
B+ hp (N.B. opponent must parry high as possible when airbourne)
Db+ hp (tends to evade jump attack when parried)
B+ mp (cancel to electricity)

Well that's my two cents worth, again any assistance to fill in the blanks is greatly appreciated, laters.

Alot of these moves come in at terrible angles, or just aren’t safe on parry. You get parried you eat an attack. that easy. Continuing the chain or jump canceling is nice, but the thing is they get a free hit from the parry. Those tricks work if they try and come in deep on you, in most cases though you will still get hit.

Remy’s cr.FP is very safe from my experiences with it… if it hits then he can combo with a flash kick if the opponent is near the corner, and if it’s parried then the opponent ends up on the other side… I might be wrong though.


  • c.strong (if oponent parry this you are safe…you can back dash, block, parry , sa1 )
    -jab/strong/fierce depma electricity (i think this isnt safe)
    -b.fierce (safe if guy parry very hight)
    bd.fierce (work well if oponent not have a cross up move because the opponent ends up on the other side)
    -b.strongx dempa/jab hook
    -b.round house (not are safe but is good because the angle)

In response to Mod the main intention with these attacks I listed was to avoid major damage on retaliation after the parry, ie combos, however like I said if some of the options I posted are suspect, let me know which ones and if possible toss out a few alternatives,so corrections can be made.

Yun - cr.mpXXupkicks

Yang - cr.fp

st. hk is really iffy. I think it depends on how a character jumps. against slow jumping characters it seems safe, but if you miss time against a character coming down fast they will get guaranteed hits. from this range though you should just stick with

I’m not sure if s.fp is ever safe, a double parry and they can punish. ditto that you should just use in this range.

close/far jab and far standing mp are always safe.

with super art 1, jab dp, super fireball is a great aa (same with akuma)

Thanks for the replies everyone, once the list is complete I’ll get around to editing the first post. With regards to the Ryu s.hp I thought it would operate similarly to Ken’s s.hp, at least in the vs Dudley match, well I guess that needs to be edited as well.

Not sure how ken’s s.hp works against dudley since I only play Ryu. But I can tell you that Ken’s s.hp is not only faster than Ryu’s, it also recovers better. Ryu uses standing RH on Dudley to catch him on the way up during his jump animation, and completely safe if parried in this situation.

Good thread…well good attempt anyway, I just read through the list, and most of those aren’t close to being safe…

The truly safe AND practical aa’s of 3S are rare…these include correctly spaced b+fierce xx rh lightning legs, correctly spaced Akuma SA1, Chun air throw, s. rh xx short duck under them, etc. Most of the time, from what I experience, if you’re playing an opponent who just jumps in looking for the parry, you either walk under him and throw, or just do something that’s parry bait, and don’t finish it and throw.

For Chun, there a nifty little trick where you can let him parry your b+fierce xx rh LL, then stop doing it, and start mashing rh as fast as you can again. What will happen is he will land, try to go for the throw or SSB or whatever, and eat a “counter hit” close up LL’s which does HUGE damage. Like 15% or so.

Also, about Ken’s and Ryu’s far fierces being safe on parry vs Dudley, this is WRONG. They have recovery frames, just like any other move, and a good Dudley can and will land a j. fierce after the parry.

As for s. rh being good against Dudley on the way up, yeah this is true, but what people don’t realize is that he has to be in the same range where Dudley mashing on rh option select will eat Ryu’s foot up almost everytime. It’s a gamble I don’t really like to take, since I eat almost 40% damage if I guess wrong and he eats 10% if he guesses wrong.

Shoto’s down+fierce is decent,you can cancel it into shoryu and it trades with alot of moves but it tends to fuck up on cross-up’s and the move comes out the wrong way.

Alex has plenty of good AA’s

If their landing from a distance I tend to use ken’s standing mk and standing rh.

For Q, crouching strong and back+strong are both safe if parried, provided you do them at the right spot. Crouching strong you just have to do early, but back+strong is only safe if the opponent is jumping over you or almost over you.

hugo doesnt have a safe anti air

well maybe standing fierce…(the elbow)

Twelve: IAD :shy:

ken: ex tatsu?

Well, before I edit some of my misinformation regarding the shotos, ie far st hp. I believe Devil X posted that st mp for Ryu is safe, so what is the consensus on st mp from Ken and Akuma?

ye Hugo doesnt have a safe one.

For Sean sitting fierce is pretty safe

s. strong is NOT safe vs Dudley…an immediate j. fierce for one punishes it…

Wouldn’t know, shouldn’t use it against dudley anyway. I either do standing rh. or if he’s already on top of me i’ll go for a sloppy parry.

For Twelve, EX needles are completely safe. He ducks lower than the hitbox on the needles.

Worst-case scenario (unless you screw up the timing), they parry both needles and you recover between the two parries.

Also, EX-dive passes through the opponent anti-air, so you’re behind them generally before they can hit you.

Standing fierce if you’re psychic.