Parry/Teching strategy?

I did a search, couldn’t find any threads on this, but somehow I get the feeling that I’ll be flamed to hell and back for posting this. What I need help in, is a general Parry strategy.

I know, Parrying is something you just learn by playing with others, and etc. I can Parry projectiles (most) and I’m working on Parrying Supers and other Specials that I see coming.

But I was hoping I could learn a bit from you guys in when and when not to Parry and general strategies. My main is Alex, followed by Dudley, Remy, and I’m trying to learn Yang and Urien on top of the Shoto’s. So I’ll give you this scenario:

As Alex, I’m facing an aggressive Ibuki player, I mess up, and I’m quickly in the corner. Alex has one good wake up move, the stomp, but it’s easily interrupted by an aggressive player. The Ibuki player doesn’t follow a set pattern as I crouch and block, trying to find an opening, they attack with a flurry of crouching, hopping, and high attacks. Obviously I’m trying to get an opening so I can get them with crouching LP, SK, or MK pushing them away so I can do my thing.

But if I choose to Parry, we go into Rock, Paper, Scissor mode. Generally I guess wrong, and am horribly punished. Then I wonder how someone like Kuroda does it, and I realize it’s one of the reasons why the Japanese are better than Americans…

On that note; any help at all would be appreciated, thanks.

u gata parry the atks that are obvious. and learn to red parry. like the one where he hops at you and does an overhead, and u gata punish after that

Well first of all the Japanese aren’t better because they’re good at educated guesses, they put in A LOT more hours than us, not to mention 3s has been HUGE in Japan ever since it came out.

Generally you always want to look at the players meter, if he has meter it’s very unsafe to take a guess parry. Why? well for instance if you miss a parry and akuma did a cl.forward he can easily hit confirm it into super, the risk wasn’t worth it.

Usually you want to get a feel for the player before you take any big risks, see what they do if you do a cross up or block strong tic throw, ect ect; honestly there are so many ways to feel a person out. That’s when you make your educated guess, you guess off of their habits.

Parry-baiting is also a good thing to do, if you do a standing strong and they hit a button to stop you from doing something, then guess high or low, if you guess right you get a combo if you don’t you get jab/short/throw’d def worth the risk.

I guess that’s just the basics, It goes a lot deeper then this but I just don’t know how to explain it, you just understand it when you play more. Oh, and remember all this stuff is situational and obviously will differ from the players you play.

Best advice, keep playing, watch videos and practice.


Taunt after knockdown and when they try to punish you during your taunt, time it so that you recover as they punish, either parry their punish or suddenly do EX SHORYUKEN.

'Well, I’m obviously here cos I’m bored and am trying to find 3S-relevant discussions. That was all some sound advice and I’m gonna go ahead and offer additional suggestions now lol.

With Dudley in particular, I feel he has to parry more than most characters. Dudley wants to be able to connect X ex MGBs as much as possible. Against someone like Chun, for instance, I’ve read in the strats sections here that it’s a good idea to try to stand outside of the range of Chun’s neutral st.hp so if she’s poking you at that distance, she can only reach you w/ an attack you have to parry high, so you don’t have to guess-parry in terms of high- or low-parry. Her might have about the same reach, but I don’t see Chuns use that move much: I guess players just wanna go for the big damage, but I hit pretty much everyone w/ it during those few matches when I pick her :stuck_out_tongue:

Parrying can be risky, and you have to decide if it’s worth it. As a general rule, I’d say it’s not worth it, but in the case of resets into supers and such, you have no choice, so you might as well try and parry it. Usually when I miss the chance to parry a reset, it’s cos I tried to parry too EARLY.

The 1st parry of a multi-hit move tends to be hardest cos you have to judge when an attack is actually going to touch you, and THEN you have to realize how fast you have to parry for each hit. Ibuki’s air-super SAI is the ONLY super you have to parry rapidly (mash parries), I THINK…since I heard that Chun’s regular Spinning Bird Kick can be parried a bit slowly (I don’t know how to parry it yet :P).

In a FEW cases, you may have to parry forward and then backwards, or parry something backwards, or parry 1 hit backwards and then the rest forward as you land from a jump.

'Finally, for now, I’ll say there MIGHT be a systematic way to air-parry some multi-hit moves only 1 or a few times cos the rest of the attack misses/whiffs, and this might be character-specific (Dudley, Elena? etc.), but I’m not sure. Situations could depend on the timing and/or angle of your jump, relative to the opponent’s position on the screen, and for timing, that includes whether you’re on the way up or down from your jump.

I hope this helps!

Unless you are very low on health or very good at parrying, don’t try to parry a reset super. If you get the first parry but then mess up the next part, you eat a full super instead of one that has its damage scaled down.

Jump-in option select parry/empty jump is really good. It is totally worth the risky against many characters. If they don’t do an attack, you can try x2 xx Super or throw. Or you can be a real man and do empty jump -> SSB.

Alex needs good parry skills like a man in a desert needs water. Because you sure as hell aren’t gonna make many openings the ‘normal’ way.

this comes with time, why does the japanese make it loook so easy…because they play 10 times more then us, more experience, better feel for the game.

there shouldnt be a specific explanation, just play the game until you drop and the mechanics will become more and more regiustered in ur muscle memory.

all these advices r kinda useless in my opinion…JUST PLAY!! ALOT!! evrytime you play you learn new skill like megaman

I have to point out, I was being sarcastic with the Japanese thing. No one got it, so I should have made it more obvious.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’m all ready a little better at Parrying now. Since Alex is my main, I just have to get used to Parry then grabbing immediately.

Alex has better punishes than Power Bomb. mk xx lp Flash Chop is faster, does more damage (I think?), and is safe on block. You could do mk xx SA2. If you have enough time for a hp Power Bomb, I guess it would work. But don’t just normal throw.

i sure every time you do a parry you are open …for example you jump in and parry down+ tech …but i think if he grab you fast when you land you can’t tech throw…same shit if you try sggk and he walk and grab you …you are open

Whenever you do a parry, the opponent is frozen for a few frames (amount depends on what type of move you parried) and they have to do the recovery for the move still as well. Post-jump frames are very low in 3s, especially since you did an empty jump. IE if you jump in parry, unless it was say an early anti-air jab, you can usually punish after landing. You can almost always jump-in parry and then immediately do an aerial so that you can continue the combo on the ground.

lol i say when you try parry …and he not do a move …you are open

Oh. Yeah, then you are in trouble. But hopefully you could react to that by sticking out a jump-in attack. I thought that you can tech throws as soon as you land if you don’t do anything while jumping, though.

somebody should seriously do a list of all the option-select parries in the game. if you plan on beating good players you need to know all of them so you know what risks to take. you should also know all the option-select parries so you can use them against other players.

I don’t see how the Japanese have more experience, that makes absolutely no sense. Only the Japanese have free time, and play SF a lot? Um, no… Perhaps they are just better in general. Not unbeatable.

It was a joke, numbnut, a joke. I addressed this in an earlier reply had you taken a few seconds to look over the replies.

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I didn’t even read your post. This was towards bodler…

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'DOH! Are you sure there’s always scaling though? The KKZ reset for Akuma does tons of damage, but maybe i usually saw that much damage after he did 1-2 taunts for a damage increase…!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it used, for some reason…

'Supposedly, the Japanese devote a lot more time to 3S, and esp. to play in person cos arcades are not really a dying breed over there (not as quick to die out as compared to places like the U.S., anyway!). I wonder if it only takes a few GODLY players (and teachers) to make the community really strong and unique. The best of the U.S. has been considered as good as mid-tier in Japan, and that includes those who got advice straight from Japan by moving/visiting.