Parry the unblockable?

I see on some videos people parry the unblockable and I read on somewhere else how to do it, too. Something about parrying down. But it wasn’t too clear for me, could anyone explain how to parry the unblockable for me?

I think you read it in mopreme’s journal, I don’t remember the site, but I’m sure somebody over here will tell you. There he says how to parry out of the standard knee drop corner unblockable, parrying low… there’s no much science.


I think the best/safest way to get out of the Aegis (or taking the least damage) in the corner is to just parry forward once you wake up, and then block the rest of the Aegis afterwards. The only damage done is the chip damage from blocking the Aegis.

If you parry low, however, you get hit by the kneedrop but then the situation has reset and Urien can close in on you and go for high and low.
So you’re still screwed even if you managed to parry the first hit of the Aegis.

As for the midscreen unblockables, I remember it was either Sex I or Arlieth that parried out of Emphy’s f-mk unblockable.
He down parried the first hit, then forward parried (towards Urien) twice, then threw Urien out of the Aegis.

Obviously, it’s not easy cause Urien can mix that shit up.

Also in the money match Emphy parries Rockefellers corner Aegis as he “tries” to fierce him. The fierce’s whiff by the looks of things.