Parry Timing Question

I don’t play much 3S so I’m hoping someone can answer this for me. How much of a variation is there in the timing for most normals? For instance against ken, you expect him to go low and he does. do you have to anticipate which attack is coming? Meaning if I expect a cr. short, and he does cr. forward, how much does that affect the parry timing?

You basically get a 3-frame (0.05 second) parry window (2-frame for red parry). If your parry input occurs at any time within 3 frames of when the move is going to hit you, you’ll successfully parry.

So, to answer your question, yes, the parry timing difference between cr. short and cr. roundhouse would be significant while the difference between cr. short and cr. forward really is fairly small.

Blue parries are far more lenient than 3 frames. In general, it’s 10 frames for ground parries and 7 for air parries. Red parrying normal moves is 3 frames, while red parrying specials and supers is 2 frames.

Yeah…I was pretty damned sure regular parries had more frames. Cuz you can tap forward like long before a fireball hits you and still get the parry. I knew red parries were pretty fuggin strict but blue parries give you a huge ass window. In CVS2 the window was brought down to about 6 frames (8 frames if you return the stick to neutral in 3 frames).