Parry Yun's shoulder xx GJ, 720 right after won't work

Why is this? :frowning:

I am doing the 720 right after the parry, then GJ cancel happens, then the 720 happen and Yun will stand laughing at Hugo.

Is Yun not throwable when he activate GJ?

there’s some brief invincibility after he activates. iirc there’s a video on youtube showing some examples of things whiffing but the most obvious/common case is a throw. should be easier with a 360 since you have more control over the timing. should work too. record the dummy in training mode and see what hits him after the invincibility but before he can block.

Well indeed it does, I found proof here: [media=youtube]PwPOnGm8FLM[/media]

Man, that sucks for Hugo. Although I can use a 360 because of the slower startup (which will grab him).

Thanks for the help though!

right after you parry the shoulder he has some inv , but you need to wait like a i would say a half of second for the 720 to work if not the 720 or 360 will wiff everytime.:coffee:

Thing of beauty: [media=youtube]v0OU6jc7U_I[/media]

(Skip to 1:53.)