Parrying after a parry?


I have seen this done sometimes but I wanted to make sure if its possible. If you parry someones attack can the opponent parry your next attack or is it just that they took to long to attack. Any feedback would be helpful.


Only in some situations, one that happens frequently for me is e.g. with Urien do air sphere and if opponent parries early, you can usually parry his jump in counter.


If you parry and have a long enough delay between your said parry and your attack, that attack can be parryed. RaJu_'s example is dead on of how it can be possible. Many jump ins can create this scenario, in which you parry while jumping in, you attack back and it is parryed by the opponent. Take Makoto’s non ex Tsurugi, if that’s the right name heh (air heel kick thing). If done to me and she’s close to the ground, I can parry it, throw an attack back at her, and it can be parryed back. But in a way, that’s slightly different from the example already given, because of move delays and such (Urien’s air sphere leave him open a little, while Makoto performing her kick and landing doesn’t leave her open)

Sorry for the ramble…half asleep.


Fun trick, use Chun’s jumping down + forward (headstomp). If they parry it, you can parry whatever they throw out after their parry.

Headstomp = Shoryuken bait.


Thanks guys you really helped out alot!!!:smiley: