Parrying Crossups

Parrying Crossups…I know it can be done, but is it even worth it? Sometimes it seems like, when I accidentally parry a crossup, my character has to turn around before they can punish, and by then, the other dude has recovered.

Am I right about this, or will my punishments go through? I’m asking this because Yun terrorizes me with crossup dive kicks, and even if I block them the right way, he lands, does a chain combo, and gets Genei Jin. =(

It’s good for taking away the ambiguity. It you parry the wrong way, you get a block. There’s a match video out there where Oro parries Yun’s corner crossup divekick and punishes with launch xx EX Tengu for the win.

Another example: it’s a simple solution to Alex’s ghetto crossup TwoBoots tactic.

it just depends on how you can punish crossup dive kick, sometimes you can get a full combo, sometimes you cant it just depends on how deep it is.

Parrying crossups isn’t that hard, just pick a direction and tap it as the opponent hits you so that you’ll either get a block or a parry. Whether doing so is useful is a different question, and usually it’s not. It’s a risk you don’t need to take and the payoff usually isn’t that great or sometimes isn’t there at all, so unless you’re in danger of chip damage it’s not something you need to bother with.

Well like I said, my big problem is I play against Yuns who knock me down in the corner, then do crossup dive kick, target combo, and by then they have Genei Jin.

You just broke down 50% of Yun’s offense… welcome to 3rd Strike.

Oh come on, there must be a way of stopping him from doing that.

I have more trouble against Mak than I do against Yun. I guess that’s because I always play with my bro who exclusively uses Yun. The dive kicks just aren’t as hard to see coming anymore. Unless I’m playing against J.Wong…then I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Learn to parry dive kicks. Learn to red parry 123 chain into Genei. Learn to block if the first 2 things fail.

ok well let’s put it like this.

after a blocked cross-up dive kick let’s say you red parry down can red parry low moves can also red parry yun’s standing jab
3.if yun does strong fierce back-fierce, you get knocked away from corner.

If yun delay’s his attack you can throw.

if you think a zenpu/jump is coming, input forward red parry the down parry then down+forward and press punch for shoryu.Hope that helps.

aww…red parrying.

Isn’t red parrying his 123 chain kinda risky? Cuz he can change the timing of his MP by like half a second and then you eat a whole genei jin combo.

Thanks for the tips daemon, ill try em on you >_>

:rofl: hey with me you just have to worry about eating 123SAII so it’s not that bad :wink: .