Parrying Hadou-Burst

So my friend and I often mess around a lot with 3S just for the fun of it. He’s had a little tournament expeirence and I’ve played at arcades with some other people, so we’re not complete nubs. Anyway, we got to messing around with Sean SAI one day and the question popped up. What is the best way to parry hadou-burst? Granted any good hadou-burst should be comboed in, so at high levels of play, you should never have to parry a hadou-burst. But anyway, just in case some dude throws out a random super, we thought of two main options. Option one: parry on the ground. Just sit there and parry once the thing reaches you. Option two: jumping away then parrying when as you land when the burst gets to you.

What the Fuck?

how about fuck Hadou Burst?

Jump over that shit and combo Sean to death?

You really have to write a whole paragraph about parrying a one hit move? What is there to think about?

Parrying a fireball is a waste of time on your part. What do you gain from it? Why are you far enough from Sean to even think about it? If you parry something and can’t punish afterward, you just stood there and let the clock run. Like really, what do you gain from parrying that either way? Nothing. If you gain nothing, it’s not worth thinking about.

It doesn’t lead anything except to dejavu where you go back in time and end up in the same situation you were at before Sean was dumb enough to hadou burst you from across the screen.

What the fuck is a nub? Is that what you call your tiny ass penis?

…or you could just jump over it and combo Sean to death for being an idiot

Obviously you guys can’t read very well. I didn’t ask for the best way to avoid the thing. I asked for the best way to parry it. Please stay on topic.

Ill stay on the topic of your mom:tup:

:rofl: :rofl: I’m sure jumping back, wasting time and effort and relieving a Sean player of any pressure is the best one. And I thought things would be dull after the fall of DomoKun.

Yeah, just like a pony isn’t a complete horse.

Domokun # 2 plz? Oh and don’t parry Hadou Burst. It’s not worth parrying. If you must parry it just like be smart and just parry the shit. Just tap forward and it works. It’s that fucking easy to parry that super.

Lol look, if you are actually serious about this and it isn’t a joke thread, the answer is simple.

Press forward…?

And yes you are a total noob, or scrub as we call them in the SF world. A Nub is what you call that 1 inch dick of yours.

What’s your next question going to be, what is the best way to parry Seans hurricane kick? Whats the best way to avoid Necros Slam Dance?

On second thought, this IS a joke thread. Intential or not everyone that comes in here is no doubt getting some laughs in.


In the words of Rockefeller: “I LIKE IT!”

Actually, I was thinking of asking about how to parry Hugo’s denjin. :rofl:

Hey guys, whats the best way to parry a throw?

:rofl: :rofl:

I think generally the best way to do it is press forward about 7 frames before it hits you or less.


Wow man you’ve got some serious knowledge here:wink:

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