Parrying in 3s

I know this topic has been beaten to death, but with new SF4 coming out, ppl are already debating weather not there should be parrying in the new StreetFighter.

Did parrying dumb down the game? or did parrying add another dimension to it?


I’m just curious, how could anyone possibly move at chun ever without parrying? Seriously, her zoning is already amazing, I don’t think anybody could do any sort of ground movement at her without being able to parry (its hard enough to move at her with it)

I’d rather not. You’re right that this topic has been done to death. How about search for one of the threads that killed it, or read all the banter in the SF4 forum. I’m sure its the same regurgitated crap.

Dude, why start this shit in a different forum. You trying to spread it like cancer? Please close

i think sf4 needs Rolling. All the good games have roll

sean has a roll by your logic he is a good game

cuts the sarcasm with a chainsaw

in before lock!

come on guys wouldnt you like to see who has the best chun li without parrying? or maybe who can keep geneijin going on for the longest?

at least they didnt make a character like oro god tier, or else everyone would really hate the game.

genei jin > parries thread already going no where closed