Parrying out of unblockables?

Urien mid-screen is pretty easy, but how do you parry out of Oro’s SA2 jumping cross-over forward? >.< I got lucky once <3

And parrying out of Ibuki’s jab Kunai xx other way SA1 on fat characters?

My friends just furiously push back and forth and get lucky quite a bit.

When I do Yagyou unblockables I mix up the timing every time I do it, to prevent people from parrying out.

Can you tell me how to do Urien mid screen? I’ve never even tried but it would be good to know.

eish …necro can do a weak up viper …and escape from unblockables

Apparently Dudley can parry one hit of the yakoudama then do a quick SAIII the other way, Ive never seen this been done though. Some also say down parrying the ball helps, maybe because it allows to duck Oros rh break, but any wise oro will time his break well. But as sergio said and i agree, the break and timing of the break can be mixed up to make it incredibly difficult to get out of.

As for necro, i think that oros neutral jump x forward double jump -> mk break can make it really tricky for necro to determine which way he has to do the ex viper.

And to sergio, there are a few variations on the standard midscreen for urien, but the normal one as far as i know against shotos is cr.fierce -> lk tackle xx fierce SAIII -> rh tackle -> dash -> mp headbutt -> dash x 2 -> f.forward.

Pick Akuma or Urien and you’ll never have to worry about unblockables ever again.

For 2 parries it’s down -> away from Urien + throw 3 parries down -> back -> towards Urien + throw out

The timing is the same as the last parry for level 2 bonus stage Sean Basketballs where he throws 3 balls medium-fast speed.

And thanks Coreo =) It’s just that Necro isn’t my main T.T; Not yet anyway =)

And Jinrai, Oro’s SA2 unblockable won’t work on Urien?

Reversal Headbutt works the same way as Necro’s escape, but the flash kick motion takes away the left/right guessing game. Taking the Yagyou hits in the air screws over Oro’s followup. So far, nobody’s discovered a good enough way to follow up or compensate. Urien will just keep headbutting until Oro’s out of meter. The damage Urien ends up sacrificing is nothing compared to what you could have done with Tengu.

Wow, that’s a great bit of info =) Thanks much =)

For Yang’s SA3 knock-down dive-kick crossup just parry the first 3 and you can block the rest =) I think the timing is the same as EX Oro SA2. 3 parries and you’re safe =)

Man if i get in an oro unblockloop ill just go grab a drink or something tell he finishes.

Either that or just try guess a parry one way or the other.

Yangs Seiei Enbu crossup isn’t unblockable so you shouldn’t even be doing that.

holy shit that information is incredibly useful

he meant the parry

ps i can just mix it up sergio and oro is god awfully hard to midscreen unblockable anyway

useful indeed, but I don’t see why Oro should pick SA2 vs Urien anyways since Tengu works so well on the thongboy
(I’m not an Oro player but as an Urien player, SA3 Oro has always troubled me more than SA2 Oro)

Oh o.O; I thought the Knockdown Divekick-Crossup with a cr.Forward follow was an unblockable =\

well yeah but now i pretty much can focus on tengu stone now :stuck_out_tongue:

how are you supposed to block the yang “unblockable” anyway?

No idea =( That’s why I thought it was an unblockable =\ Probably something like :l: :l: :df: :l: :df: :df: :lol:

Pretend the shadows aren’t there. Imagine Yang is doing a normal divekick. That’s how you block it.

^Or that. Thanks for the info =)