Parrying shinkuu hadoken

okay, i’m no newb at playing third strike. i’ve been playing this game for years but never did any flashy technical long parries. my record is mostly 2 consecutive parries. well, today my friend and i were practicing it today on the dreamcast version of parry mode. and i have no fucking idea how to parry ryu’s shinkuu hadoken. my record is like only 2. how do you train to parry the whole thing. do you people use a metronome or something? i’m just concentrating on hearing the ticking noise of the parries, and i try to mimic it with my thumb but i suck. is there any good way to train to parry it or just keep doing it straight up?

i made my girlfriend play 3S with me (i know i know =P) and she parried a shinkuu hadouken the first time she play in practice mode! i was like holy shit she’s a future star in street fighter.

but anyways back to the point, it’s really easy… just don’t lose beat with your tapping.

LOL. Remind me to make my next gf do that /w me. Then we’ll have our gf’s play against each other, and see who’s better! :smiley:

Mine will get a handicap because yours started earlier. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Whoops. About parrying. Use the parry practice & watch how the computer parries it. Listen to when the parries come out. That should help a bit. But practice always works too. :smiley:

Remember not to “hold” fw, but to “Knock/Tap/Tic/Bump/Nudge/Edge/Tip” it instead.

…You can just stop. Were you gonna make a video of yourself after you were done?
Seriously, if you really wanna parry better, just play more. That’s just fucking it.

Haha, are these your girlfriends or your Pokemon?


Besides playing the game, which ,of course, is the absolute best way to learn anything in the game, the main theories that help me some are “keeping the beat” and (post-initial parry) “hit forward every time you see the blue flash”.


Those pokemon are pretty cute…

I find that there is a rythem to parrying super art’s or whatever unless an additional attack is thrown in to mess up the flow. You can bob your head to the sound of an fully parried shinkuu hadouken. Once you get the first hit parried, the rest isn’t too bad. Now red parrying is a different story…

just keep practising. youll soon get the hang of it.

yaw~ da fuck. dude, i’ve been playing street fighter my whole life and i understand parrying in the air, anti-air, wake up, etc. i just can’t parry consecutive hits of the shinkuu hadoken right off the bat during a match. that would be retarded. and yes -_-, i would like to make a video of myself parry a shinku hadoken just to show my mom.

even though parrying a super will make you look and possible dumbfound your opp, it isn’t a very good strategic decision to parry the whole thing. ryu could rush you with or something else to mix you up. if i can’t avoid it i will ususally just parry 2 or 3 hits and then just block. parrying isn’t always the answer. it may look noobish to just jump over a fireball from half screen or further but there is less room for error.