Parrying Supers

Question: To successfully parry a super do you have to input the parry even before the super animation comes out (even before the blue lightning)

I’ve been practicing random option selects / parry punishes in parry training on the dreamcast version, and then I decided to try to parry Ken’s SA3, but if i parry when the actual kick comes out, i just get smacked. However, if I input the parry even before the blue lightning I can parry it.

Is this just a dreamcast weird translation or is this how super parrying is actually done

It depends on the speed of the super. Some supers like Chun Lis due to the start up and range they can do it from you can parry before or after the freeze. Ken’s SA3 starts up in one frame so if you dont parry/red parry before they freeze you will get hit. By the time you decide to parry the game will consider you not blocking and you will get hit. If there’s a few frame gap before the super activates like Chun Li you can parry after the freeze but it’s distant dependent. From a range it’s pretty doable to parry since she wont hit you till some frames after the 4 frame start up. At close range you literally have like 2 to 4 frame window at most to parry.

how many frames before a move can you parry?

Not sure of the specifics but Chun Li’s super IIRC correctly starts up in 4 frames and that is possible to parry after the freeze. Basically anything more than 1 frame start up should be able to be parried after the freeze. The problem with supers like Ken’s and Dudley’s SA3’s is that literally the very next frame after the freeze you will get hit if you aren’t blocking. With one frame supers there just doesn’t seem to be that threshold to parry after the freeze and even if there was it would literally be a just frame parry.

You have a little amount of frames to parry Ken’s after the black screen SA3, 1 or 2, don’t remember. Chun’s SA2 is easier and Q’s SA1 or Hugo’s SA3 even more easy.

Whatever you input before the black screen is obviously kept in memory until the end, so any input attempt just before it will be a valid parry after without having to do anything more.

Another thing i discovered recently (thx to : when SA starts, you can input something (jump/parry/guard/whatever) during 4 frames.
Meaning you can actually escape anything in the game, including point blank demon, Gigas, Dud’s SA3, srk, etc…
Of course, it’s not humanly doable on reaction but still open some interesting options i guess…

Try experimenting with Q’s SA1 at different distances for starters: close; jab distance; sweep distance. You’ll find that you can still parry it after the freeze, but the timing is slightly different depending on the distances. This discrepancy b/t distances is somewhat similar with Chun’s SA2.

With Ken’s SA3, your parry input MUST be before the freeze regardless of distance. Same for Dud’s SA1. Dud’s SA3 depends on distance only if Dud is far enough for the first hit to whiff. Otherwise, if you want to parry the first hit of Dud’s SA3, you must input it before the freeze. If you didn’t, keep holding block and pray you didn’t press a button.

Try it out with other common characters’ supers. It helps to know how to parry Ken’s SA3, Dud’s SA1 & 3, and other supers that people like to make you parry on wakeup.

You can actually parry Ken’s SA3 after the super freeze.

This is only true @ point blank range…

iirc, you have to parry the first hit right before the super flash ends and the rest is business as usual… at least I think, works for me…

It’s actually pretty easy… parrying supers should be the least of your worries… most people are not just going throw a random super out, they’ll combo it into something…

If that’s so I’m not completely surprised but the chance you could die due to it being a literal one frame parry is pretty high. If you’re low on health you might as well try but I doubt the success rate for that could be very high at all. I guess it’s like how you can technically throw Hugo out of his Gigas but that’s hardly something you can rely on.


Obviously, it’s not something to do except to avoid one hit cheap death. I just mentionned this to correct munchkin.
Anyway, you’ll rarely see a simple SA3 without a or whatever before it, to make the parry even more difficult to do.

For the gigas, i’m not sure the mechanism itself is consistent and char independant. Looks like a glitch IMO as I’m still waiting to read/see a scenario 100% reproductible…

just for chip block situations, if im low hp and in the corner vs chun/dudley/ken and have been blocking most of their corner pokes they’re definitely gonna throw out a super if they get a knockdown or something other (most won’t expect you to be able to parry it)

the most important thing of all is…


I agree with Dander. You have to believe in the heart of the cards.

I don’t quite understand why there’s anything special going on here so maybe you can explain that. Gigas has a frame of startup so as long as something is intersecting a hittable box in that frame, he should be hit/thrown. He can be thrown, and he can be hit during that frame, I’ve seen both so why is it strange or a glitch?

I tried to do it without any kind of success, always ending with Hugo huging opponent really hard.
Though, i’ve seen it myself in game.
Another thing, not really scientific but still relevant IMO : if that was just that simple (but logic indeed) mechanism, we should see this quite regularly (throw or hit him out of gigas).
Pretty sure most of people considered this as a legend or something, like hitting Gouki out of KKZ with a LP, or some other improbable stuffs :d

Recently I think in a video Fran might have linked I saw a Ryu do, the Hugo did gigas and was hit out of gigas by the last hit of the

I really do think it is that simple but that’s never something you can plan or react or anything, it’s just a fluke when it happens since both people had to choose what to do and didn’t know what the other was going to do. So yeah it’s very unlikely but it happens just by accident.

Maybe the toward mp has a moment of grab invulnerability like Akuma’s? I’ll do some testing when I get a good machine.

How do you parry Chun’s SA2?

PS: Not a troll post.

Tap forward before the flash, wait for the parry to register, and anticipate blue flashes so you can tap forward as soon as you see it parry. 7-7-1 parry sequence for shotos, 8-8-1 for everyone else. Text can’t teach you that, only practice can.
Hint: There’s a rhythm to parrying to supers.