Parrying Sweeps after jump in

I am new the SF3. I was playing against this guy who was turtling the whole time.
He was using Akuma or Ryu and just kept the right distance between me and him.
He then kept doing hadoukens, I kept parrying or blocking them, but the problem was I cant get close to him.
If I jump over his hadoukens towards him, he would sweep me on landing.
He keeps this distance between me and him so that I have no option.

Is there any advice on how I can overcome this edited tactic?

When I jump in on him, he would sweep. The other thing he does when I get the right distance on him is that he just keeps doing crouching short, waiting for me to get hit by it and then combo it into a hadouken.
Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I thought of was parrying his sweep after I jump in, but I didnt manage to do this since I am still new to the game. Is this possible to parry?

block down when he sweeps then punish him wish a lk > lk hurricane > dragon punch.

it helped me get over this. It’s very hard to get the timing right on parrying because if who you are vs is a randomer (somone who does random stuff risking getting hit, which you don’t exspect) your better off blocking. (: hope i helped

Like every SF game after SF2 has tripguard. Just block low or parry on landing.

Goki, you might want to lay off on the “c” word. Calling something cheap doesn’t help you adapt to it.

I was thinking the same thing, never use the word cheap.

Unless you’re talking about Tengu Stones.

nah in case of tengu stones use the word broke hehe ^^ also yagyou unblockables

That guy’s using scrub tactics. Instead of just jumping over the hadoken, try to super-jump over it. tap down before pushing up-forward, you’ll jump much higher, and probably be able to hit him instead of landing in his sweep range.

If that doesn’t work, just try blocking his sweep. Sweeping is not that safe, you can punish it with a sweep of your own for a knockdown, and it’s up to you what to do from there.

That doesn’t combo.

Thanks for the tips. I was trying to block down when he sweeps but I couldn’t do it once. Is it because you can’t block just before you land or did I just miss the timing?

Also, he distances himself from me so that if I jump in front, I would land too far away from him to hit him, but his sweep can still just hit me. This was really annoying, even if his sweep misses or if I manage to block it, I still can’t reach him for a combo.
He keeps this distance by spamming hadoukens.

What would you guys do to counter this tactic?

If I used Chun, I’d sit there and build meter. Then super through fireballs or wait for him to sweep and then… well, you know. If the clock needs to be exhausted then so be it. If he gets irritated and starts attacking, learn how to use godlike pokes to bug him even more. Actually if Chun was my main I wouldn’t even do that but it sure as hell should work. If you want to jump and block a sweep make sure you’re jumping empty.

Would help if you said which character you use.

I was using Yang actually. If I jumped in, he would sweep me. I tried super jump and then dive kick, but everytime I do that, I would be hit by a shoryuken. Then he goes back to the hadoukens again.

Yang, huh? Well you should just be able to do LK dive kicks to go over the hadokens. If he tries to Shoryu, it’ll whiff, and you can punish him. If he tries to sweep, you can block. You can always definitely block right after a landing, that’s for sure. If you block his sweep then you can punish him with EX slashes.

Mix up your dive kicks to bait Shoryuken’s. Also I think you can punish block sweeps with EX Mantis Slashes.

I know it’s been said, but don’t call something cheap just because you lost to it.

Edit: Well Mariodood was faster. Looks like I need to learn to refresh my browser.

try doing your dive kicks later, or air target combo.

and like Giaginblaze sed, if the has clock to run, it will, so try to get as many hit’s as possible as the round starts, run away,out-wait him and eventually he’ll get pissed off, build meter use it for next round.

You’re probably better off not waiting or building meter with Yang though. It’s not like you’ll be using the super a lot and with random hits you’ll get enough for an EX easily; with two of those Akuma is stunned. Sounds to me like you’re just hanging out at the other end of the screen waiting for a miracle. Get in there and kill him. The air chain does seem like a good idea, do it as early as you can when you jump over the fireball then walk up and neutral throw, or tick into it. If he whiffs an srk when you dive kick don’t do something dumb like sweep, use that chance for a proper combo. You can also super under fireballs but you most likely won’t need to.

I’m guessing this guy does uppercuts on wakeup as well. You know what to do.

just hold down and back before you even land… you can block it every time. sweeping is horribly punishable.

Oh yeah I just thought of something else. Yang’s SA2 and Rolling kicks go under fireballs.

Just be careful because if your too far away with either it can be easily blocked after the hadoken.

Thanks for all your input. So I should super jump and do diving LK?
Before, I only did diving kick with HK and sometimes MK. Is that why I always get hit by his shoryuken?

Hey Goki: the reason why you can’t block when you land is probaby because you’re doing an attack in air. If you just do what’s called an ‘empty’ jump, as in not attacking at all, then you can block anything.

Also, you have to learn to parry if you plan on getting close. If you can parry his shoryuken he’s fucked. Empty jumping is your friend; remember that you’re not required to attack when you’re in air.