Parrying the unblockable

I just realized there’s no thread on parrying the midscreen unblockable. I tried it a few times myself but it seems kind of hard. Do you do down parry, high parry, down parry? And is it different each time you parry it? For example, I saw this one vid where Ken parried the unblockable but he only did it three times. In the Spring Whaling video, they parried like 5 or 6 hits.
And how come you can’t parry the corner unblockable?

To get out of a standard midscreener that uses f+mk as guard break, you parry forward 3 times in a fast rhythm (you can find this rhythm in Spring Whaling). After that, you have 2 options:

  1. Down-parry the rest in regular multi-hit parry timing.
  2. Do a throw that gets you out of the aegis.

Keep in mind, that you can be thrown while parrying. Also, if the Urien catches onto this, he could mix up a low attack instead of f+mk to break your parry.

Wait so is parry 3 x for parrying the aegis only? so is the parry for the f + mk implied (so does that mean there’s a fourth parry for the f + mk in the opposite direction)?

The parry 3x is 2 for aegis and 1 for f + mk. I believe all parries are done towards the attacking Urien. In addition to what Emphy said, depending on where Urien is when he does this to you – If he uses f+mk, it can push you enough so that after the 3rd parry, you’ll be out of the reflector entirely due to the f+mk pushing you out of it. This is generally more sucessful on the less-than-perfect ones, but I believe I’ve parried it 2x and had the same effect of being pushed out of it on a poorly setup one.

I was wondering…why don’t people parry the corner unblockable? The computer was able to do it but is that only because of the changes in training mode (like how the computer can guard the unblockable with all guard)?

People do parry the corner unblockable quite frequently. The easiest way to get out of it is to parry the first reflector hit down, and the kneedrop will knock you down. Upon getting up, the reflector should either be gone, or not have enough hits yet to link into c. fp (depends on who you use I suppose :p)

I always just do one down parry in corner or mid-screen always get you out.