Ok, to start with, I just picked up 3s in SFAC. I had played it a bit before with some friends on DC, but now that I own it I can get serious. I am over all a decent player with strats and combos. I am working on perfecting my parrying. So, I am here to ask what tips you got for parrying stuff. I need tips to parry anything.

From fooling around, I found this out. More information like this would be great.

Parrying the Shinku Hadouken

I seperate the parrying process into things I call beats. One beat is like a normal old parry (like parrying a hadouken). The Shinku Hadouken has a specific beat pattern to parry (I am guessing everything does). The beat according to the way I do it is like this,

Parry > Parry > Neutral > Parry > Parry > Parry

there are like 4 parry styles (to make it simple):
very fast (oro’s genkidama*, ibuki’s SA1, etc)
fast (EX fireballs, ryu’s SA1, etc)
medium (gouki’s 3 hit fireball, ken’s hurricane, etc)
slow (ken’s SA3, Urien’s SA1, Necro’s EX spining-multi-hit*, etc)

actually you dont need any neutral position during ruy’s SA1,
training will give you the timing, also try looking into players patterns, for example:
ken do a mk cross-jump, (85% chance he will hit up, 60% grab, 30% low, 50% he will try something funny), so when he lands just tap forward, and a red parry will come out…
try to setup parries, like when someone is getting up stay @ sweeping distance, wait he realize u are not grabing him, then tap down, stuff like that

Thanks for the help.

#2 and #3 are VERY informative.

Thanks for the links