Part 2 of my guy video

Nice stuff. You will never land that on me though.

haha yeah u get me. iv pulled some wins though. =D much love

some kool combos but you should watch out for the ones that your opponent can flip from.

e.g chain, shoulder combos.

and X ism throw combos.

good luck

This has nothing to do with online play. Post it in the video gallery.

Damn the moderation in this forum is lacking.

Also, I think both of your videos were poor.

let the haters hate. wheres ur video pro star

he is right u know u will get more view that way
congrats I see ur rep got a major boost

haha ur right . the green bars. i never knew what they meant? it that good or bad that i have some

i dont really play alpha, but that was pretty good.

last time I checked, we have an excellent video forum

tnks sorry for bein a noob