Partial hit box mod diagonal input button SFIV TE FightStick MadCatz


I have a technical question about the madcatz arcade fight SFIV Tournament Edition.
Similar to the hit box mod I want to copy diagonal (!) directions (up+forward, up+backwards) to separate Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. Is there any possibility to wire two separate buttons so that they input diagonal (!) directions (up+forward, up+backwards) each?
I don’t see a way since theoretically the buttons must allow a three wire tapping for this and there are only two tapping options on each button.

Any specific help that is directed to my question would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Yeah it’s possible. Use diodes so that the multiple inputs you wire to your button don’t tie those two inputs together anywhere else but that button (otherwise you would trigger left+up+right every time you went either direction).

You’d also need some logic (like the SOCD cleaner) if you want to support using two diagonals to make a non-diagonal.

If you have absolutely every U/D/L/R input go through the SOCD before it reaches the pad, won’t it prevent that anyway? I think it ought to. (Up + Left) + (Up + Right) would cancel to just Up (and the board won’t know/care that it’s getting “two Ups”), wouldn’t it?

You shouldn’t need any extra SOCD is what I’m thinking.

The OP didnt mention anything about using an SOCD cleaner; Rufus is saying he’ll need one for it to be sure to work properly. But you are correct, he would only need one, and no more than that, as long as the UDLR points you added the diode to are on the ‘Input’ side of the SOCD cleaner (‘to buttons’ side on mine)

@DanAdamKof & Rufus: Thanks alot for the quick reply. As I see I would not need a SOCD cleaner. If I don’t have it is there any chance of a short circuit? (I don’t see any chance of that, just a non-register)

Also, do anyone know the specifics of the diode (Volts, Ampere) or could at least link to an example diode that would work?
I simply have no idea ( for example the german shop

@Toodles: Thanks for your feedback. Still enjoying your TE Kitty Board (Switzerland) :wink:

1N4148 Small Signal Diode

why would diodes be needed?

for the diagonal button two inputs will be wired to one button.

button 1 = right
button 2 = up-right
button 3 = up
button 4 = up-left
button 5 = left

I’m not understanding where the conflict of inputs would occur.

Since multiple inputs need to be connected together, when you ground an input by pressing a button on its own, it will ground all inputs connected to that one. Since Up+Left and Up+Right are connected, whenever you press any of those buttons 1-5 on their own, they will activate Left+Up+Right

I understood the rough concept, but I have a hard time to imagine the exact location of the diodes …
Can anyone show me a little sketch of how to tie two directions ( e.g. up and right) to one button and where to place the diodes inbetween the connection ?

counter question: Are there any buttons (sanwa / seimitsu / cherry) with three connection pins (instead of two) ?

cherry has 3 but its generally a ground, not closed and closed pin

Dan or Toodles, could anyone provide more details regardings the actual setup / soldering by for example showing a pic or a sketch how a diagonal-jump-hitbox-button is acutally made? I appreciate the info so far and have even put the buttons in and bought a few diodes (1N4148 Small Signal Diode) but have no idea what to do next. I would appreciate further input (searched the hit box posts in another thread but could not find anything, also there does not seem to exist the so called “hit box university” from the hit box makers).****