LOL, I know, hilarious stick name. You haven’t even seen the box art yet.

Don’t judge the stick by its box, though, cause it actually looks pretty damn decent for a random low quality and low cost stick. (I bought it for $30. These sticks should start showing up on ebay for less pretty soon, if they haven’t already.)

I never even had to touch it to know it wasn’t Sanwa. The dust cover looks bad even from up top. The buttons look like cheap Hori knockoffs. HORI KNOCKOFFS. That should set off the lame alarm if it hasn’t yet.

It works perfectly on the PS3, though. It feels like a very neanderthal JLF (ie not very good). What sucks, I mean, in addition to everything else that sucks, is that it doesn’t work on my PC. It shows up as a Playstation Controller, but does not respond at all. I even tried the drivers that kraal made, but they still didn’t work.

Since we’ve pretty much established the lameness from the outside, let’s take a peek at the inside.

Three things to note:

  1. Soldered buttons on what seems to be a common ground PCB. Shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who knows how to solder.

  2. Look at that stick, lol. It’s a mildly deformed JLF clone with a mildly deformed Octagonal gate. Does anyone else think these guys got the idea from the MadCatz SE? It comes with a shaft cover and matching dust cover though, which is very thoughful IMO. At least I won’t have to get me a shaft cover when I mod it with a JLF.

  3. I knew it was way too heavy for a plastic box of this size. See that round thing at the lower right? That’s a steel weight for ham-fisted players.

Would you look at that. The stick is connected through a harness. It’s very probable that it uses the same pinout as the JLF. It even has a groove for a JLF to fit right in.

This was the most surprising part for me. The plastic top plate is detachable. Lexan! Also, removing it made me realize it’s actually thick enough to mount a JLF at an acceptable height.

I’ve yet to mod this thing, but I’m absolutely sure it will work without much trouble. A little soldering and some plastic removal and it should be good to go. I’ll update once I finish a mod. It should be done tomorrow.


So I’ve finally managed to fit all the parts on the case. Haven’t wired it yet (I’m pretty tired…) but here’s how it looks:

A fair amount of work was required to complete the mod. I had to file the holes, remove a plastic square from the case, and drill mounting holes through the top plate, and I haven’t even wired it yet. I used a Seimitsu LS32, by the way. This would be so much easier if I used a JLF.


  • Good size and weight
  • EXTREMELY LONG cable (12 feet)
  • Cable compartment
  • Price
  • With some work, moddable with Japanese parts.


  • Just a little worse than Hori out of the box, which means it’s pretty bad.
  • The bottom side has really sharp edges for some reason. I have several cuts because of it, wtf.
  • Doesn’t work on the PC for now! I hope there’s a way to do this.

Bottom Line:

If you need a stick to mod, pick this one up! It’s cheaper than a blank case + PS3 PCB, that’s for sure. This is a pretty hardcore mod, though, so people who only do straight-swap mods probably won’t enjoy this too much.

If you need a stick to play out of the box, you’d probably think these are decent if you like Horis. Good price, especially for a stick with great upgrade options.

Dreamgear Arcade Fighter project: MC Cthulhu + KADE
Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!
Newbie with a stick (dreamgear arcade fighter) help with joystick

That is cool.
Funny box and name.

I want to get it just to mod it.


Not sure if that’s terribly awesome, or awesomely terrible.


Ugh, what’s up with that hole on the bottom right?


What hole?

You mean the



LOL that box!

Link cosplaying Ken! Tidus cosplaying Trunks! Piston Honda as Joe Higashi!


does that gate fit a jlf?


Yes. the gate fits on a JLF. Very tightly, I might add, but it’s a pretty awful gate. Two of the directions (up and down) are pretty badly deformed, so I wouldn’t suggest it anyway.

I tried to fit a Sanwa JLF earlier (which I borrowed from another stick), but it doesn’t seem to fit immediately. It definitely will fit and mount easily after enlarging the holes on the “wings” of the JLF’s base. I’d do that if I had a spare JLF lying around, but I don’t.

Gonna try and stick a Seimitsu LS32 in it tomorrow.


This is the same stick that Dreamgear has available. If anyone is interested.


That actually looks pretty promising for modding.


I think that’s supposed to be Lee from Tekken.


I really have to agree with you completely, that box alone makes the item worth buying.

To the OP, how was the stick actually plays? Like a FS3 bad or just bad bad?


It doesn’t actually play THAT badly. I’d say the joystick itself is JUST a little worse than a Hori stick, and that’s only because of the crappily made octagon gates and the really soft microswitches. I hate octagon gates to begin with, so maybe that adds to the crap factor. The buttons are about as good as Hori’s switch-based buttons, but I have no idea how long they last. I just said it was “absolute poop” because I don’t think much of Hori parts in the first place.

Re: Modability (is that a real word yet?)

The button holes are 30mm, but they have tabs. Fortunately, the top panel is made of plastic, which makes it really easy to file or grind the tabs away.


The stick doesn’t seem too bad for modding, looks like you can fit in a JLF without a mounting plate, which is surprising. Shame it’s soldered buttons, it would otherwise be a great stick to recommend to first time modders as it’s cheap so you wont feel as bummed if you messed up like if you did if you paid twice that and botched things up.

Great review mate, I wonder if I can pick one of these up in the UK for 20? i’m tempted to strip in and try out Toodle Chu…something in it.


I want one, for a Mega Drive stick I told my friend that I’d make.


How are the parts compared to stock SE parts?

Gawd, that art is HORRIBLE. However the font on the title looks like it would’ve sold. BUT GAWD THE ART!


the box art man…GAHAHAHA lol sigh


hm… acutally might be more promising to mod then a mayflash, at least you dont have to rearrange the case O_o.


I’d say it would be a lot better, for one thing it’s not just generally ugly and bulky. :rofl:


I’ve never tried SE parts because they cost $120 (!!!) over here. I can’t really compare, but from what I’ve seen, the joystick is a lot like the SE’s sanwa clone.