Partioned Headbutt

Partitioned Headbutt

I’m sure you guys have seen the partitioned headbutt after the cr. fierce, tackle xx fp. aegis, rk. tackle. It’s used to position yourself on the other side, after which the unblockable begins.

I was practicing this and I NEVER got it. I didn’t know what was wrong with my timing. So I tried a partitioned tackle (even though it’s pointless to in a real match, but still, I was kinda bored), and guess what? I DID IT PERFECTLY. 100%. Perfect. Yet I can’t do any other charge move? :confused: It lets me horizontally partition but not vertically…I don’t know. Maybe it’s my DC. I have yet to try it in the arcade, which I will do so very soon.

Is it just me or is something messed up here?

IFyour trying to do an unblockbale setup on DC console sorry for your luck. You can get yourself into the positioning but it will never work. usually i just do:

c.Fierce, Forward Tackle xx Fierce Aegis, RH tackle, EX Kneedrop.

That puts in a good spot. The Ex knee drop is jsut as fast as the headbutt oddly enough and outs you in just the same spot.

RH knee puts you in the right spot also, and you don’t waste your meter.

Charge partitioning is tough, and I think people think it adds something amazing to Uriens game, when it reality, it should be the VERY last thing you learn because you’ll find that you don’t use it much at all

You need to charge the entire time during the last tackle, dash (hold down while you dash) then up and a punch. Once you do it a time or 2 you’ll get the feel for it. But once again, it doesn’t add much to Uriens game

Yeah, I’m well aware of the fact that unblockables don’t work, but the main point of this thread was to try to figure out or explain how I could partion shoulder rush yet not partion headbutt in the same amount of charge time.

I can partion just fine, thank you.
As for your idea with the rh. knee, it only works with some people because some get up faster than others. I know I hold it RIGHT away, but even so, I could only manage a tackle instead of a headbutt (not accidently, in case you got confused), but it’s not because i’m charging down too slowly.

It doesn’t seem to me that you should charge for the entire rh tackle and here’s why:

When partitioning, you aren’t allowed to hold more than about 2 sec of charge. If you try to partition more than that, you lose the charge. Since you can do the rh knee drop immediately after the tacke, it means that you get a full charge after the tackle. So, if you try to do more during the dash, you lose it.

With this in mind, I would think that you should wait a moment (maybe half a sec.) before you start charging during the tackle. Then finish charging during the dash.

As for being able to do the shoulder and not the headbutt, that don’t make no sense. The only thing I can think of is that you are somehow doing something different in the two cases. I find it’s just easier (and quicker) to move the stick from toward to away than from toward to down, especially with the dash.

Hope that makes sense.

Finally, I used to think that partitioning wasn’t that important, but I don’t believe it anymore. It’s still the last thing you should learn with Urien, but I feel if you really want to be great with him, you should learn to partition.

Anyone have good times to partition? I’ve seen throw, dash, c.short, jab headbutt (if they quick rise). I’ve also seen this weird partition mixup with headbutt, c.jab reset, dash, headbutt, reset, etc. At any time you can mix it up with a throw or something. It was pretty crazy.

You dont really need to partion his head butt because after you connect with it you hit the groudn a split second after so you can just smakc em again, but in my practice its been with a lower strength. I use a combo in the corner where i go:

c.Fierce, EX tackle (2 hit juggle), EX heatbutt, Jab head butt…

if i got Aegis after thati do a Jab Aegis and Knee drop to setup for unblokcable.

Ex headbutt, headbutt is not partitioning.

Here are the partitions I’ve used so far:

throw (not neutral), dash forward, headbutt
throw, dash forward, c.short, headbutt
throw, dash back, [ex] headbutt (this one is odd, I know, but the
dash back gives them room, and the ex will punish jump
short shoulder, dash back, shoulder x3, headbutt x2, dash, headbutt ( I have trouble with this one
sometimes. I think you have to get the maximum charge
out of the mp’s and dash.)

Other ones I haven’t tested:

jump, dash, headbutt
whiffed headbutt, dash, headbutt, dash, headbutt, dash x2, headbutt
headbutt, c.jab reset, dash, headbutt… (this might be character
specific. I saw it in a video against alex.)

Really, pretty much anything can be used in partitioning. A simple one is s.hp x2 but that’s hard to sneak into a match. Of course, the headbutts in the examples can be replaced by any charge move.

I finally figured out what the hell I was doing wrong…
Apparently, I got used to people blocking my rh. tackle (only cause I stupidly miss cancels to an aegis to set up…), and also got used to the lag. After you hit successfully with the tackle, you don’t lag as much as you do if your opponent blocks (WHICH I KNEW…it was just that the aegis was blocking my view of urien…).
After I found that out, I was really…:bluu: .

In terms of me being able to do the tackle instead of a headbutt…

No clue.:confused:

good stuff

Those are some great charge paritions, I would just like to add to that 2 that i frequently use, they are:
j.rh x 2, headbutt
towards + forward, dash forward, headtbutt
Again any these can be done with any charge move.

The reset one you have listed is character specific, I need to still test on which characters this works on (alex is the only one I have seen it done on) and also I need to test on whether you have enough time to reset when the headbutt is an anti air one, because surprisingly I have found that urien does not land as quickley so things like EX aegis do not connect afterwards, so maybe cr.jab may not connect on some chars and maybe it does on others I am not sure (maybe strength of headbut is also a factor and also whether its on standing opponent or anti air, all this needs to be tested I guess).

The thing that I do know for certain is that after the dash under from the reset, the headbutt is a lot easier to execute with doing a cr.short/jab first. Anyways good stuff.:smiley:

Thank you for sharing these partioning tips!

The j.rh x2, headbutt is great, thanks RaJu_.
I started doing a new one:

j.rh, dash, headbutt

It works pretty well. Try it when you jump back because it looks like you’re giving them room.

I’m also working on partitions with two dashes.
Another one that might be fun is ex headbutt, jab reset, dash under, [c.short]headbutt.

Finally, I’m told that the headbutt, jab reset works on alex, hugo, q, and urien.

cool :cool: (i wish it worked on ken and chun li:p )

I’ve pulled off the headbutt reset, dash, headbutt, etc. a couple of times now and it’s the most fun thing in the game. It usually works twice before you have to switch up. I suggest either a dash, throw, which sets up more partitioning tricks, or a dash.c.short, headbutt, because they might try to block high for the anticipated headbutt. Also, you can do an ex aegis, shoulder juggle after any headbutt. This would be good if they are getting near the corner.

Now I really want to get the ex headbutt, reset, dash, headbutt. I doubt it is that useful, but man would it be cool. MENTAL ADVANTAGE. An easier verison is ex, dash, c.jab reset, whiffed headbutt, throw. It’s not a great mix-up but it is a ridiculous setup for just a throw. I’m thinking people will be so dazed and confused they will take the throw at least once.

I’ve also found that the jump, dash, headbutt is kinkd of tight timing for the charge and often you won’t get enough. To fix this, either hold down an extra split second before dashing, or throw in a c.short or c.jab somewhere. You can do it before the jump, after the jump, or after the dash.

One more update, I’m working on dash, headbutt at the start of the round. You charge during the word FIGHT, but not quite the whole time it’s on screen. I’m still inconsistent with this one.

Certainly very interesting, but I will give an EX headbutt -> MP sphere -> crush anyday over an EX headbutt -> reset -> dash headbutt/throw.

Jump in headbutt is very, very useful. Against a Ken who outpokes you on the ground, and who defends too well against your jumping RKs… you need to mix it up. Jump in throw won’t work most of the time, but jump in ex headbutt will.

Dash headbutt at the start of the round. Try charging right when “FIGHT” is still flashing.

Yeah, the reset is pretty useless, but I think it would be quite fun.

Your right about the start of the fight. It’s right about when it flashes white. Thanks for the tip.

At first I had trouble knowing whether I was charging too much or too little. Now I know I generally err on the side of too little.

c.Fierce, EX tackle , RH tackle, c.Fierce

for life

Uhhh I’m confused here, if you charge for more than 2 seconds you lose the charge? That doesn’t make sense? I’ve sat with Urien for 3 or 4 seconds and then did a partitioned Headbutt, and I’ve had no problems??? :confused:

When I try to practice the dash tackle midscreen unblockable, i find it hard to do the dash tackle. When I do the dash tackle by itself, i can actually do it more often. I thought i was the only one who had that problem. It’s the complete opposite with the headbutt though.

It’s probably because you let Aegis hit your opp. before you do your dash.

the secret is to dash before aegis hits. That way you’ll do your tackle as Aegis hits and go under them. Just make sure to dash > tackle immediatly after he lets aegis out. :karate:

Ohhh. I was trying to use Emphy’s advice on listening for the “gis” of the super and whenever I do it on Dudley or Alex, i always hit them while I’m doing the tackle. Thanks a lot. I’ll go try it out.