Partition Question

I was wondering what the input command is for Urien’s dashing tackle. I know for the dashing headbutt is:db: :r: :r: :db: :u:

Instead of :u: at the end, :r::wonder:

Noooo, Just think happy thoughts

Peanut Butter and Jelly?!?!:looney:

I tried hitting :r: but i’m having no luck it’s not coming out for some reason

Ya sure man? I mean, it’s pretty simple.

:db: :r: :r: :db: :r: :k:

it’s completely on your end, they have the same charge times, you are fucking up somewhere.

Hey if you have a mic I can teach you how to do it over live yes even in lag

Sounds good when are u usually on? Send me an invite or something.

just make sure you didn’t charge by pulling back prior to your setup or else you’ll overcharge the tackle

where do i have to charge?

:db: charge:r: :r: :db: charge:r: ???/

:db: charge then VERY quickly:r: :r: :db:

this lets you keep the charge you had after the dash

a good way to know how fast you need to do it is to be holding the 2nd :db: after the dash motion is complete

you can then push :r: or :df: :k: for a tackle
:ub: or:u: or:uf: :p: for a headbutt

alright silly ass fuckin question but here it goes after you do a setup and you must dash 2x then headbutt over the opponent should you start CPing the first or second dash or can it be split twice lol c’mon i need this info!

it can be split twice. But it’s rare that you have to dash twice to headbutt over an opponent. Usually one dash is enough.

thanks shmoke i got it like 20 times haha think i can do that unblockable now ina match wewt

I still can’t Charge Partition. ;_; I try and try, but I always get jump strong. I guess I’m not meant to play Urien (not that I mind since I mostly play on PS2 anyway, so no unblockables).

Ps2 has unblockables man just keep trying it took me a year to learn how to Partition
becasuse no one in Mi did it but now I CP like a beast keep it up

How are you combining the partition?

Setup? Dash?

I’ve been just trying a basic hold down, dash forward while holding down, head butt. Maybe that’s not even a proper charge partition? Also, what unblockables work on PS2? I’ve tried sandwiching my opponent between a reflector any myself, and that doesn’t work. Maybe I haven’t set up gaurding the right way? What is the difference between old type and new type anyway?

Edit: I set it to old type and unblockables seem to work better. I wonder, though, is f/b throw, jab ageis, headbutt over, toward and mk an actual unblockable (assuming they down tech roll out)?

it is only unblockable (i’ve seen it parried by freaks tho) if opponent doesn’t tech after the throw. If they tech then you can’t go over them with a headbutt.