Partitioning Versus Buffering



Some of youse seem to be a bit confused as to which what goes where, so I figured I’d lay it out for ya.

Charge Buffering is when you charge during another move in order to have the least amount of “inactive” time possible. For instance, when you’re playing Urien, it’s helpful to do multi-tackle juggles like so:

Charge back, press toward, hold the stick back again and THEN press the button (Roundhouse, MK, whatever).

This allows you to begin charging for the next tackle before the previous tackle has even begun. Otherwise it’s hella-difficult (though not completely unpossible) to do rapid-fire tackling like you see in many of the normal Urien juggles. If you buffer the tackles in this manner, it’s much easier to start the next tackle at the very moment you recover from the previous one. This is also how Rapid Fire LoVs with Remy work.

Capcom has a few “leeway systems” in place like this, as it’s highly unlikely that a human can hit toward and the button at the exact same time. So, like any other beneficial programming hoodoo, ABUSE THAT SHIT.

Charge Partitioning is when you separate the charge time for a single move into more than one section. Which is to say, instead of charging for a full two seconds; you charge, interrupt it with something, charge again, then perform the move. The most common example of this is when you do a dashing charge move, such as Urien Headbutt or Kneedrop. The Kneedrop is like so:

Charge down for 1 second, dash forward, (during the dash) charge down for the full remaining second, then hit up and kick.

You can break the charge up into a few moves if you want to, just know how long it takes to get the minimum charge. For instance, you can dash back and forth several times while charging downward, and all charge time will go together provided you go back to charging as soon as possible after inputting the f, f or b, b.

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well said:D though people are always gonna make mistakes with this one, well new people anyway. Maybe this should be a sticky thread so we can direct anyone easily.



I wonder if this can be applied to quarter cirle motions as well. Liek storing them and all. Hehehe proabaly not considering the motion is easy to do as it is quickly or not :smiley:


Not exactly.

For a Gigas Breaker (Hugo SA1), you can spin one 360, perform a short action like parrying, dashing, etcetera, then do the second 360 and you will still get the full credit. However, I personally have never seen this work with double-fireball type moves.



Oh god, sticky this shit

this is exactly what I was looking for. :tup:


Yet the “endless bank of knowledge” does it again!

Thanx you so much, this is exactly what I needed to take my Urien to the next level. I could set up the juggles, unblockables and what not, but actualy executing them juggles proved extremely hard without a good explanation of how to charge buffer.

Thanx a bunch :tup:


I support this thread to be stickied, as well.

I finally tried out charge partitioning with Remy and Urien, and man, it’s fun. It’s hilarious to see a Rising Rage Flash immediately after a dash. Good times. :B


I need more examples of this, preferably when I would use it in actual tourney play. Thanks.


Urien has examples all over the place.

For Multi-tackling combos (anti-air sphere, RH Tackle, EX Tackle, MK Tackle) charge buffering helps quite a bit to make sure you can crank them out as soon as the previous tackle ends.

For a lot of Aegis Unblockable setups, charge partitioning is used to dash up and kneedrop or headbutt. cough There should be some cough more clear examples cough available on COUGHCOUGH in a few weeks.

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haha, I hope your vid will be interesting. ^^


my question is i always see ppl talking about how the aegis is Unblockable but how do u actually do this when someone is in the corner? and how is the timing? i understand the buffering and partiioning.

thanks bebop for the definitions about that.


yeah baby… luckily I get the buffering part naturally… ever since the sfz days… i was in sixth grade lol

the partitioning part is the new stuff. well, sure it’s sounds complicated there. gotta try


am just getting the partioning stuff now. at first i though i was never going to learn that shit but i guess pratice does pay off. thanks everybody and thanks thongboy. also for anybody who is trying to learn stuff about Urien. go to and read those to guides about Urien there are all worthy.


how does tachi-gigas work?, because making 2 x 360 without making hugo jump is almost imposible


Bump cuz i need to see this sometimes.


Spin the stick really fast.

No, seriously. There’s very little you can do to shorten the motion, except maybe buffering a 360 off of something else first. If you’re doing a true “Instant Gigas”, then you just need to work on your stick-spinning.



Hi am just gonna ask what are the popular moves to which you use partition charging with urien… an example could be 2 fierce. Is that correct?


You can buffer the 720 from a jump of course so you will execute it on landing. And you can do it on wakeup as well, gets a hugo with gigas stocked out of wakeup games… no one wants to get gigased.

On a side note I just started playing Urien like 3 days ago. He is a pretty difficult character to pick up, charge buffering is easy, partitioning is going to take some time to get used to though… Especialy charge, dash, into ex headbutt, and just generaly using it when i play.

About the EX headbutt, it seems to set up juggles realy well. But i cant quite figure out how to use it properly any advice?

Also thanks to Thongboy Beebop for making great tutorials and SlimX for great combos and tutorials.


uses for EX headbutt?
best use imho is to punish baited throws
it can work as a decent wakeup, since it’s perfectly safe if blocked
but beware, it loses to meaties, and remember that it has a slower startup than LP headbutt
sometimes it can work as an anti-air, but don’t rely much on that.
learn to dash-headbutt so you can mix up dash-throws and dash-headbutts
and learn standing MP into EX headbutt, it’s the best thing to do after a blocked Ken SAIII if you ever get to bait that.

after a scuucessufull standalone EX headbutt, an easy yet effective juggle:
EX headbutt, MP sphere, LK tackle xx HP Aegis, HK tackle, unblockable (dash headbutt or HK kneedrop, depending on character)

There are many possible variations, you can even go semi-freestyle


@ Formula 1
partitioning Standing fierce2 is the easiest to execute, but doesn’t have much applications imho.
whiffed fierces are also unsafe in some matches (ie: charged Chun)
Fierce, strong (or vice-versa) is better, strong
3 is better.
But the real deal is mixing them up with dashes. Otherwise, you won’t really hide the charge to a seasoned player.
It’s not easy to incorporate, and it’s not the first thing to learn about Urien - start to incorporate it in your game when you already have solid urien fundamentals.

cr. forward, dash is nice and not too hard.