So I’ve been playing this game for a while now and haven’t found a good partner to go with Asuka. I’m struggling between either Cody, Lars, or Alisa. I liked cody from sfiv and Lars because I’ve always liked him. Alisa looks as if she has good mobility from what I see. I just want to here people’s opinion on who to choose.


All of them are perfectly fine. Alisa is the best choice imo, since you will have a character that can fight keepaway well. Lars imo is second. Far reaching normals, mobility and synergy with lightning screw.
Cody might be the weakest of them all, but maybe someone else knows better.


Lars will cover Asuka’s main weakness in not having footsies, Alisa works fine too I guess though there are much better partners for Alisa. Also Akuma works wonderfully with Asuka


Just get someone to cover her extreme lack of footsies and you’re solid.