Partners for Dhalsim

I’m loving the Sim x Ogre team myself. It just feels… right. lol

Yeah Ogre is pretty fun. I’m going to be playing him more. Tried lolhugo and it was fun, but too awkward.

Hugo is the bane of my existence in this game… his gimmicks just bug the heck out of me. I’m trying too learn to deal with him using Ogre, since Sim doesn’t seem to be capable of handling him.

Agreed. I hate him. I see you play Kaz as well. Any synergy there? (I just started learning Kaz)

Sim is great for opening people up, its pretty easy to go Yoga Fire -> IAT ~> Fierce, st.Fierce xx Launcher ~> EWGF combo.

I think Sim works with just about any character who can put out a solid damage off of a launcher, and Kazuya can do 400+ easily if you knwo what you’re doing. I’d probably use Sim x Kazuya, but i’m kind of burned out on Kaz.

Sim x Kazuya Combos:

IAT > j.Fierce, st.Roundhouse xx Launcher, cr.Strong, cr.Fierce xx EWGF, cr. Roundhouse (412)
IAT > j.Fierce, st.Roundhouse xx Launcher, cr.Strong, cr.Fierce xx Dragon Uppercut, down+Kick (402)
IAT > j.Fierce, st.Roundhouse xx Launcher, cr.Strong, cr.Fierce xx Rising Uppercut (361)
IAT > j.Fierce, st.Roundhouse xx Launcher, cr.Fierce xx EWGF, cr.Fierce xx EWGF (438) (Corner only)

1 Bar:
IAT > j.Fierce, st.Roundhouse xx Launcher, cr.Fierce xx EX Slaughter Hook, cr.Fierce xx God Fist (452)
IAT > j.Fierce, st.Roundhouse xx Launcher, cr.strong, cr.fierce xx Dragon Uppercut, kick (switch on kick) (408, ends on Dhalsim)

Working on some others…

I would change standing roundhouse for crouching Fierce Punch, just because you could cancel it into flame if you see that you haven’t hit the opponent:) Think it does the same damage! Good work!

nice! thanks man

st.Roundhouse is only -1 on block. My thinking is that you use it to hit confirm and can have time to IAT away or mix up. I need to do some testing to see what my options are (all of the people I was testing these combos on last night weren’t really on a level to properly test how punishable it is.)

I don’t know, i like st.Roundhouse but I see your point.

In theory, you can switch cancel Dragon Uppercut on the last combo and bring Sim on for a combo, but for some reason I couldn’t get him to switch on the first hit – the timing for it is weird.

The first 1 bar combo, I believe you can actually put in a short EWGF combo instead of ending with God Fist, but I’d have to play around with the juggle to see how much room you have. Can probably fit in EWGF, EWGF.

What are ways to get Sim’s partner IN, other than Cross Rush and safe tags?

I’m thinking about Sim/Ken. Sim to keep away and Ken for damage and mix-ups…
Thoughts please?

I’d like to bump this thread.<div><br></div><div>What’s your partner @ 2013 guys?</div>

<blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/11174/US4">US4</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>After reading some of your posts I decided to fool around with Ogre and he’s good, just takes some getting use to. I like that he can be played defensively.<br>
I wonder whats better type of partner for Dhalsim:<br>
A similar zoning character or an opposite rush-down character?</div>

Still doing the Sim/Ogre team.  A pair of half naked guys that deal fire damage sounds just about right to me.  I’ve grown to like Ogre and I definitely like Dhalsim and just not sure if they good partners.  I’ve thought about Jack X.  I like characters that can zone.