Partners for frank

I like using viewtiful joe assist because the bomb gives opportunities for deadly mix ups and +zombies can really confuse your enemies well.

Any other decent partners?

im trying out ryu for now, was thinking about chun but dont know if that will work :confused:

I’ve been using Casshern, his assist is pretty convenient for setting up Frank’s Lvl.3 and some other weird stuff. Plus I just really like using Casshern.

hmm that team sounds interesting?

Frank West can perform [media=youtube]Y3BH8DU0IZA[/media] when partnered with Polimar, so that seems like a good call.

I’m REALLY digging this Yatterman 2 + Frank West team, that being said I’m pretty new to TvC.

Anyone that has an OTG assist (Roll, Casshern) is ideal for Frank to continue his cart shenanigans. That said, good assists are still good assists in this game. Ryu, Chun, Polimar, Morrigan, Karas are all pretty solid choices.

Lol I was trying out Polimar and I found that death combo today myself. I also was messing around with tick throws and resets off the camera assist. Polimar seems like a great partner but I really like Roll and Casshern too… can they make any use of his assist?

I’ve found zero works pretty well paired up with frank
and saki too(though her assist isn’t as useful as zero’s and she’s not as quick)

Frank/Ai-Chan? Oh the evil things I’m thinking of doing with them right now. I’m looking for a main team, if I’m right this can work out swimmingly :).

I’ve tried that team out before and don’t have any comments on it other then Yatterman-2’s a tricky tricky girl so i can’t say if that’s a good team or not
but i do know Yatterman-1/Frank West makes for a pretty effective team

I’ve been playing with Yatterman-2 alot recently, yeah she is pretty tricky. I didn’t mix her and Frank up though so this would be a good experiment for me. I’m in school right now, so I can’t do this until later. Maybe other players can shed more light on this team?

Frank/Yatterman-2 team

Ok I can shed some light on this now. I know some of you were curious about this team. I can happily say that this team is good.

She can easily play keep away with her fireball and robot and Frank’s assist helps with that. Her assist is basically a guaranteed :dp: :2p:or:qcf: :2p: on hit. It can also protect Frank some and makes for a good corner pressure tool. I’m not done experimenting yet but I have a few simple combos for them.

Some Combos

:snka: or ::d::snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:qcf::snka:,assist,:dp: :2p: (Corner)

:snka: or ::d::snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:qcf::snka: XX baroque XX :snka:or ::d::snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:qcf::snka:,assist, :dp: :2p: (Corner)

:snka: or ::d::snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:d::snkc:,assist, :dp::2p: or :qcf::2p:

I got more experiments to do so I’ll post more when I find some more.

I really like using casshern with frank.

after his aab, ac in the air land, hit c+p, cancel into heavy cart, into combo

only in corner but its fun

Behold! Thread necromancy!

Anyway, I’m admittedly not the best but I’ve had some good results with Polimar assisting Frank. In addition to the elements others have already mentioned, I find Polimar’s assist to be excellent for screening for me while I get my zombie antics started. Once my opponent blocks Polimar-assist, I find I’ve had good success getting my shopping carts and cross-up or overhead-drop zombies going, and bringing Polimar out again to shield me while I keep it going.

I suspect this won’t work quite as well against more skilled players, but so far I’ve had excellent luck using it against people who are at least passably competent.

Megaman Volnutt has also been moderately helpful to me for similar reasons, given his move is anti-air. Not quite as ideal for my needs, but it seems to work.

Casshern seems like the best partner IMO. his OTG assist helps so much when extending his combos. also, as you guys already know, you can’t crash when OTG

That seems to be the consensus. I’m having some issues in my gameplay with Frank as my main, and not sure Casshan fixes the problem.

Broadly, I find myself getting rushed the hell down. A lot. I need an assist that gets the opponent off me for two friggin’ seconds while I get my zombies going. The ideal assist move either controls a lot of horizontal space or is an anti-air, for my purposes. I also need to be able to tag out to this character to address the bad matchup.

With this in mind I’ve been trying Zero, Rock Volnutt, Roll, Casshan, Ippatsuman, Casshan, Ryu, and Chun-Li. May also poke at Ken, Jun, and Tekkaman and/or Blade.

Or it could be I’m playing Frank wrong if I’m getting my shit rushed down constantly. Either way I find myself frustrated by an inability to deal with Saki keepaway or insane Zero rushdown. Am I missing something?

I’ve been playing around with Frank/Tekkamen lately & they seem to work very well together! I’m gonna try them out against human opponents for the first time tomorrow, so wish me luck!

^ I’m been using Frank and Tekkaman too.

2A 2A 5B 2C 421C P, then juggle with whatever I can come up with.

Alex & Frank seem to be a good team together for me. Both of them have a command grab (good against giants/defense), Alex has a VERY limited launcher while Frank has an extended one (Frank Launch, combo, Air Assist, Alex Combo, grab as a finisher in the air), and both can hit hard and can take some hits. I’ve had a lot of fun and success using this team, since it can take on almost everyone. The only person I find I have a little trouble with this team is the super-quick, Yatterman-1.