Partners for Roll



So I figured it’d be good to compile a list of ways in which the different characters are good as partners for roll. Here’s the ones I can think of



batsu: Launcher assist lets you combo into a launcher, something Roll can’t always do on her own.

soki: Another launcher assist.

saki: She has a couple cool DHC options with roll. You can DHC out of an OTG turbo sweep into her super charge to make it safe and get a free unblockable projectile. Also has a counter super that can be used to trap heals (see the videos thread).

chun li: Another launcher assist.

alex: you can DHC on an opponent who’s blocking to get big damage.

megaman: Launcher assist, roll assist sets up megaman infinite.

viewtiful joe:

ken: good for continuing combos, Roll assist allows a lvl3 super hit for ken. Good DHCs from roll>ken, also a combo super allows a free heal and combo off of an overhead while roll remains the point character, requiring no charge.

cashhern: His assist and his DP super can hit OTG. This means you can use his assist to add extra damage to an OTG roll sweep combo and DHC out of a turbo roll sweep into his DP super for added safety and damage. Also, he’s particularly good against the giants, which is good because roll isn’t. Roll extends Casshern’s combos easily, including free combo into casshern’s lvl3 super, and Keits’ Dog Canceling strategy. (see this thread>)

polymar: Roll assist = combo into lvl3 super for polymar.

karas: Has a counter super for heal traps that doesn’t cost 3 meters, also can DHC his lvl3 super from a charged roll swing>heal combo and hit it for a good chunk of damage. His assist is a reflector, which helps roll against projectile characters.



tekkaman: DHCs work well with roll heal, thx to EmptyShiki for these:
2a2b2c 236c 214a+b wait till it hits roll dhc into rain super 233600 heals roll
6b 236c 214a+b wait till hits roll dhc rain super about 23000
or without charge
2a2b2c236c 214a+b immediately dhc into rain 222600 damage
overhead 6b 236c 214a+b immidiatly dhc into rain About 220000

yatterman: Long range assist to make up for roll’s lack of range, can combo fire breath out of OTG turbo sweep, good against giants?

doronjo: Has a counter super for healing traps.


Those are the ones I can think of. Please tell me anything else you guys can think of.


Yes, that is possible. I’ve been doing that in practice.


Edited, thx.


you can dhc cassherns dp super into rolls lv 3 if you do it quickly

also using rolls assist in casshern combos is easy just press it right after standing c and rolls timing will be perfect.


For real? Does it have to hit standing, or in the air? Can you use it from an OTG hit? Cuz if it’ll work from an OTG hit, you could do OTG turbo sweep DHC dp super DHC clean house?

EDIT: no that wouldn’t work would it. that’s silly.


It’s occured to me that Yattaman’s fire super (214AB) hits off the ground and juggles the opponent clean into the fire breath. It’s likely a safe DHC off of Roll’s Turbo Sweep super though I don’t know for sure. I can check tonight when I get home; for the moment it just came to my mind.
Yattaman also has a decent long-range assist and is very effective against giant characters, so he’s a good counterpart. And with his mobility and Roll’s BnB sweeps, they can run the clock well.


Edited the stuff you guys came up with into it. Thanks for chipping in, and I’d love to see some testing/ more info on a couple of the things (casshern DP super questions, Yatterman flame super). Unfortunately I got kicked out of Japan so I’m separated from my TvC for probably a week and a half to two weeks, and I can’t test it myself.


So good news to roll/casshern users today. First off, the thing that shiki said is potentially really cool. Secondly, bucktooth posted that you can DHC without your assist available, which opens roll up to use his assist in a combo like so:

:d::snka: :d::snka: :d::snkb: :d::snkc: Roll Sweep :snkd: xx Turbo Roll Sweep DHC :dp::2p: and if what Shiki said is true for OTG casshern DP super, then you can after that DHC again to roll’s lvl3 (if you have 5 meters to burn).

Also, just wondering, has anybody tried OTG Roll Sweep BBQ Roll Sweep?

EDIT: BTW that combo would be entirely un-mega-crashable after the :d::snkc:


bah i havent been able to reproduce it. i was messing around with rolls assist when i did it so maybe there is a wierd height they need to be at.

freinder can grab them after rolls assist makes for an easy way to lenthen a ground combo

ground bnb roll assist freinder ground bnb barouque, ground combo into air combo.

after rolls assist you can do his level 3 special which is a good way to do it in a combo

rolls assist sets up the megaman infininte

tekkamans super does hit OTG but its too slow to combo off of otg super sweep. you can do same thing as karas dhc

works way better mid screen
freaking insane dhc options.

with charge
2a2b2c 236c 214a+b wait till it hits roll dhc into rain super 233600 heals roll
6b 236c 214a+b wait till hits roll dhc rain super about 23000
or without charge
2a2b2c236c 214a+b immediately dhc into rain 222600 damage
overhead 6b 236c 214a+b immidiatly dhc into rain About 220000

compared to her overhead lv 3 combos you save one level deal 20000 more damgand if your charged you can heal aswell

you can also make her healing safe without charge by doing 236c assist heal

2 meters with tekkaman assist turns roll very deadly.


Maybe add on to Casshern/Megaman that you can heal assist past red so you have more access to Baroque.(Don’t have to worry about losing a lot of potential life)


i cant think of any good way to heal casshern does anyone have anything better than just sacrificing 2 super bars to do something unsafe.


Been training with Roll so I have some contributions, but I can confirm that Yattaman Fire Breath super hits OTG from Turbo Sweep, making it safe. Fire breath is also rather painful.


i think the top partners for roll so far are casshern and tekkaman.

you have to choose from being able to safely do super off of air to air j. c for a ton of essencially unburstable damage and an easier time rushing down or being able to do level 3 damage while healing with 2 meters.

both are good for alpha counters


Polymars assist lifts the opp. Its another version of his chun kicks…so I guess Ryu does it better assiting if youre going for long ground combos

oh, Ken is also pretty good, his assist is similar to Ryus. Rolls assist helps him to land Lv3.


yatterman is a really good partner for her you can do 2a 2b 2c roll sweep, turbo roll sweep dhc into fire breath super for 28k and if your in the corner you can dhc back into turbo sweep for 35k all this is of course unburstable after the sweep

i havent been able to dhc back into dog super for no apparent reason though so its not a 100% on anyone.

the timing for going into the dog super is pretty strict in the corner you need to do it after roll moves back after finishing sweeping and before she starts to swing. its not that hard i can get it consistently in training mode and i don’t have any experience with hard link combos or anything.

corner combo does not work on midgets. fire breath will whiff no matter what i do.

this is not safe so if they wont die from it do not attempt do not dhc back into roll if they are skilled enough to pull of 100% combos since this will give them alot of red health to baroque into


Alright I’ve been trying to keep up with updating the OP, hopefully the really important stuff is in there. And yeah from what it looks like casshern, tekkaman and (maybe) karas are the best ones. The healing traps are gimmicky against a good player, because then Karas will just get punished after they wait off the counter or Roll will get punished for you not actually calling it out. However, he’s got the lvl3 from heal and his reflector assist has been helpful in my experience, since it can actually reflect some stuff like the shinkuu hadouken, so you can throw it out if you think you’re gonna get punished, or just use it to piss off fireball-happy players.


I’ve been playing around with the Roll / Yatterman team and found Yatterman’s color can affect the effectiveness of the team combo. If you choose the P1 color so the super brings out Yatterwan, things tend to work as described. If you choose the P2 color, the super brings out Yatterpelican instead. With the Pelican, the fire breath seems to hit a slightly higher angle so either a) you’ll never get them with the fire breath on the ground - you’ll just juggle them instead or b) Yatterpelican misses them altogether (they fell under the firebreath so it’s missing and you’re a target).

So if you want to maximize things, be sure to pick the P1 color. Now I’m going to test some things with the different aspect ratios since that move does rely on a wall bounce. May take a few days before I can fully try it though.


interesting ill have to test that stuff. what happans in a mirror match can both players have either or is it first come first serve kind of thing.


Are you sure that doesn’t have to do with your position on the screen? I haven’t seen any difference between the colors, just that the fire breath will miss sometimes if you’re too close to the corner, because they bounce back behind the hit radius of the firebreath. Since the roll sweep/turbo sweep pushes the opponent so far, it’s pretty easy to have this happen to you, so you know, watch out.


for the firebreath to combo (in the corner) i always wait for after she is done sweeping and is moving back but before her swing. does it still whiff when done at that moment?