Partners for Ryu

Been trying to find a good partner for Ryu, I’ve tried Kaz and Jin but didn’t take to them very well. I swore I wouldn’t use an all sf team but I might just do it:/ What partners are you guys using, and why?

im using Law. He has a few good moves to tag in from. The spin kicks animation lasts a while but the best thing is his LP fury fist rush. If you hit this you can quickly switch cancel in Ryu and charge up a super art. Laws animation last so long that the super will hit for free (apart from the 1 bar used to do the switch cancel). If you feel u didnt start charging quick enough you can let go and hit them with an EX fireball.Laws combos are quite easy, he is definitly not a high execution character so he wont take to long to learn the basics.
Ryus not much of a team player in terms of combos but they seem like a decent team.

Ryu is a team upon himself. Im using another character that can hold their own with out needing a partner. Ive been running Sagat and Akuma with him.

ken, use ken to come out first, set up a launcher for ryu to come in with gems that activate from partner launchers, and then be solid as fuck with ryu. ken can heal if he was hurt and you will most likely do alot more dammage on ur opponent then he did to u in the long run starting like that i find.

been using him as an anchor with sagat on point. sagat is good for consistent damage and zoning and ryu is just too good now with easy links and super cancel that makes crouching roundhouse safe

use zangief on point the ryu as anchor… zangief good at footsies and defense. if zangief is being outfootsied, bring ryu in

Ryu is better as an anchor because its less likely he will fight his bad matchups (his bad matchups are commonly point characters)

Jin/Ryu works fine, I play Jin/Ken myself and its basically the same idea.

i been running Ryu/ Raven With Ryu on point. he handles pretty much any matchup as long as you play him solid, and raven can come in with his loop and mix-ups…or just run away lol



Ryu rarely gets trapped and hwoarang has some excellent juggle comboes on tag-in. It all depends on Ryu though. If I get screwed and pressured in the beginning, I can’t win. Need to practice on my tagging.

I use Heihachi and Ryu. Heihachi on point and Ryu as anchor. Heihachi’s Dragon upper is a good tag in point for Ryu to finish with an EX shoryuken

I was trying Jin/Ryu but I keep getting wrecked online. I may switch the order.


I’m still switching between partners. I still can’t find someone I like with Ryu, or maybe Ryu is the problem? Naaaaah.

I’ve tried Vega, Bison, Ken, Guile. For some reason I’m just not too good with Sagat, and I’ve only tested Akuma/Kazuya in training mode.

Vega, is good, but I think there could be better… I dunno. I’ve only lost to run aways that frustrate me.

Bison, don’t really like his tag in options.

Ken, I’ve seen good Kens. Mine, average?

Kinda like Bison, nothing special. I suppose he’s best when you turtle (doesn’t work well vs half the Tekken cast).

I also tried Raven in training mode, for some reason I just do the wrong moves. Need to learn them, that’s all…

Maybe someone with a good overhead, or annoying combos? Julia or Xiaoyu? Hwoarang seems kinda beast.

New to the game. What exactly are Ryu’s weaknesses that a partner can cover?

I’m gonna second this

Using Ryu on point for I’d say 65% of the match. Great char. I bring in Hwo once I come across a character that can easily get around projectiles and such. Hwo has some great ant-air moves and there’s some great (and simple) combos that you can do with him. Plus, the fact that you can control where Hwo moves during his Air Raid makes zoning easier.

When looking for partners, I take it from a matchup perspective. And looking in this game, Ryu’s hardest matchup, if he has any has got to be Dhalsim.

Characters that I find can cover this matchup are basically anyone that can change air trajectory (basically dive kick). By this logic, best pick would be Rufus. Dhalsim also has some troubles against the likes of Rolento, but Sim’s hardest matchup is definitely Rufus. It seems like Sim can at least hang with Cammy in this iteration because of how slow her dive kick is. Now I’m not sure about Hwoarang against Dhalsim, because I really don’t favor his pokes and Air Raid stays a long time in the air. Haven’t played the Lili vs Dhalsim matchup to give any input on that.

Personally, I’m running Juri who is a good mix between zoning and pressure. She also has a divekick to help punish projectiles and vary her ways to get in. Also, Ryu covers her bad match ups fairly well (Rufus).

Decided to throw Asuka and Ryu together and see how it works (see the sig lol). I couldn’t think of who to put Asuka with and Ryu seemed like a logical choice because he’s just so solid. I just need to find where the synergy lies with them, if there is any. They don’t seem to feed off each other very well so far. It’s only day one for the team.

ryu/ken both tank, start with ken, i like to use the “get hit by 3 special moves EX happens” combo with them

My main team is split into an A and B squad. The A squad consist of Sagat/Ryu and the B squad consist of Kazuya/Ryu. On both teams, Ryu is my anchor.