Partners for thanos

Psylocke Venom Magneto Sentinel Spiral
Ironman juggernaut cable Storm

experimenting partners: cyclops, m. bison, strider hiryu, jill valentine.

Psylocke- Alpha/anti-air type Fav.color-assist 1
Psylocke is the best partner for Thanos. If you ever play Thanos you should always pick Psylocke too. The reason for picking Psylocke and someone else every time is she makes Thanos combos deadly. Thanos bread and butter combo involves her anti-air assist. Here it is d.c.short>s.roundhouse+Psylocke (anti-air assist)(assist hits) bubble trap. After this you can do anything you want. Starting Psylocke ahead of Thanos is a good idea because she can build up your meter fast. All of her air combos can be cancelled out in to the Gauntlet space for added damage. Her anti-air assist helps out Thanos in another way it keeps people like magneto from rushing in blindly. If people are jumping in all you have to do is her assist. After the assist hits theyre thrown in to the air and all you have to do a Gauntlet power or a bubble trap. Its better to the Gauntlet power than try a combo. Just make sure that you do it before the opponent hits the ground s0 he cant get out it. If you dont have Psylocke and the opponent rushed in and didnt follow with an assist then just do a standing roundhouse then a Gauntlet power. Bam, there goes 40% of his health no need to thank me.

Ironman- Alpha/projectile type Fav.color-short
Out of the entire partner list this is the second most favorite third character that I play. For assists I use the unibeam I dont need anti-air that he has, because I already got one. The unibeam helps in stalling the character in blocking the unibeam and letting me get close so I can do a nasty combo. Another reason I pick the unibeam so I can attack them from long range too. If Thanos can get there I just the unibeam when that ends maybe the opponent will mess up and Ill get close. Thanos can Ironman have good chemistry together when playing just them two its better to put Ironman up front, just in terms of effectiveness against other characters. Ironmans proton cannon after a Gauntlet space does 80% by themselves. Another reason to pick them is Psylocke, Thanos, and Ironman they have 100% combos. Plus on top of that Ironman has damaging air combos, a very powerful team in terms of damage per combo. This is the best team you can pick out of this group.

Venom-Alpha/dash type Fav.color-short
With venom you are a speedy trio of characters that can demolish other teams in seconds. Thanos, Psylocke and Venom have very good chemistry together. All of their supers can be cancelled out of and in to each others supers.At anytime you can bring in characters effectively and safely. With reach and speed on Venoms side you can attack from anywhere on the screen. Which is also good is that Venom has an air dash so he can dash over supers for some easy damage. Venom can play some keep-away, but it gets too predictable if done too long. Should use the web throw just to keep it fun when you know you are going to win. When playing at a distance Venom tends on leaving himself open so just be careful. With the bubble trap he is able to do better damaging combos. When playing this team you must play with an attitude like nothing can stop you.

Juggernaut-Beta/dash type Fav.color-roundhouse
Out of the entire list of partners this is my favorite third character to play. With Juggernaut on your team no one is safe from death. With him on your side you bring a whole new level of damage to the game. Thanos and Juggernaut already has a set up for the juggernaut headcrush. When glitched this combo is 100% combo: standard combo>Gauntlet soul© juggernaut headcrush, very simple and very damaging. If you did kill the character he is close to death, so you can wait to it again to the next character. The down side with this team you cant do much about the keep-away game. A team like Cable, Sentinel, and Dr.Doom will kick your ass 7 times out of ten. In those three times the matches wont last long for the other team. The best thing to do just to super jump every time until you get a chance to do a super. The good thing about keep-away characters is they dont like getting hit hard. All you have to know is when is each character is invulnerable then do a juggernaut headcrush.

Magneto-Alpha/projectile type Fav.color-short
Having magneto on your side helps. Magneto is the best in the game coming down to damage and overall offense. Magneto really doesnt need the bubble trap to do his combos but it helps. When playing Magneto just magnetic tempest anyone you see, of course Psylocke is a better help than the bubble trap. Usually I play Magneto first to build the meter and to kill off one or two characters, and then Thanos and Psylocke can do the rest. For an assist Magneto isnt much help his alpha assist leaves him to wide open for attack, and doesnt bring much cover for Thanos. If you use Magnetos speed you should be all right Psylocke is a great help in setting up people. When Thanos is out in front you can bring in by doing a magnetic tempest when Thanos does a Gauntlet power. The Gauntlet power into the magnetic tempest does good damage and Magneto is there to capitalize afterward. Magneto doesnt have the best stamina just play defensively and youll win.

Cable-Beta/anti-air type Fav.color-jab
Thanos, Cable and Psylocke are almost a perfect fit. Thanos and Psylocke for close up and Cable for keep-away. Thanos is helped greatly by Cable; by providing cover thats all Thanos needs is cover to win. Cable is able to use the bubble trap very effectively for setting up for supers or making the opponent land on a bubble trap after a super so he can do another. With the bubble trap Cables job is so easy. You should play Cable first and build the super meter for Thanos. Sometimes I didnt need Thanos at all Cable wiped out the entire team himself. Depending on the team your playing against you might need Thanos first and Cable second or the other way around. Cable doesnt cancel out of the gauntlet space very well so dont do it. Usually what happens is the hyper viper beam comes out and the opponent hits the ground and rolls behind you. Cable can only come in with during the Gauntlet power. After you do the first hyper viper beam just jump up and do it again.

Sentinel-Gamma/ground type Fav.color-fierce
Sentinel can dish out damage and cover. A nice character to help Thanos kick the crap out of teams. Most people rush Sentinel and that why I have Psylocke to stop that nonsense. After the assist him do a Sentinel force then after do it again easy damage. Use Sentinels flying game to keep opponents grounded try to dodge supers so you can capitalize. When you are Thanos and when the opponent is the corner do the sentinel swarm. If it hits run up and just throw him. Throw him with fierce so you can otg him with roundhouse+ Psylockes assist then bubble trap. After that you can do anything you want.

Storm-Beta/expansion type Fav.color-roundhouse
The lighting attack is a quick move and doesnt leave Storm open to attack for very long. You should play like Magneto wait for an opening then go for it. Storm and Thanos work well together able to use each others assist. You have Psylocke to keep people off your back. If you need to do some chipping damage just super jump then dash upwards, and do two or three whirlwinds while in the air. Using the bubble trap effectively youll be able to dominate the other team fairly easily. Keep the opponent off guard by triangle jumping and dashing in at angles. Make this team lethal by doing the bubble trap right before you do the lighting storm. If you time it right it should hit right after the last hit so you can do it again. The only thing I dont like about Storm is the way she takes damage, and that is really all. When using Thanos first you can cancel out with the hailstorm during the Gauntlet space or power. It works better with power, because the opponent can sometimes roll out of the space.

Spiral-Gamma/ground type Fav.color-short
Her assist can almost replace Psylockes anti-air. Recently I experimented with Spirals assist and it can replace Psylockes assist, but now you dont have an anti-air assist. So I picked Cables beta/psimitar, this team rivals the Psylocke and Ironman team. Overall this team is better than Psylocke and Ironman just because of Cable. Spiral brings balance and versatility to the team; just like Psylocke she doesnt have a lot of stamina just like Psylocke she can build a super meter very quickly. She can play very cheaply but who doesnt like winning. Spiral cant grab through the bubble trap when she is in metamorphosis mode. Either you have to wait until its over or dont do it. I always do the air metamorphosis combo it looks a lot better. Doing the metamorphosis does more damage by itself then combo but anyone can the super by itself. You should pick Psylocke or Spiral every time you play Thanos.Depending on who your better with its really up to you. My favorite team is still Ironman and Psylocke.
Example combo in this order: Spiral, Thanos, and Cable-
j.fierce v d.c short> c.forward> s.fierce+(Thanos capture assist)(capture hits) dancing swords> dash^ j.tsurugi tobashi> j.short> j.forward v d.c.short> c.roundhouse^ sj. Jab> sj.short> sj.strong> sj.forward> six-hand grapple.

you for got one …DOOM aaa assist which work great with thanos:cool:

doom isn’t the best assisting character for thanos. thanos doesn’t have many set ups with doom. His assists drive the opponent back and thanos needs stuff he easily combo things into.
doom is a great assist character but not for thanos.

A great team that i’ve been using for Thanos is:

Thanos (Capture)
Cammy (Anti-Air)
Juggy (Dash)

Team Bubbletrap as i call them. This is my other main team other than RapeSquad.
The reason why i like this team so much because i know combos where 9 hits or less will kill if pulled off right.

you also forgot the best partner, tron!

i use Doom-B/Thanos-A/Bison-B

the team has a ncie corner combo that kills:
Doom photon array combo, DHC to Thanos Space, DHC at end of Space to Bison Psycho Ball Super, then u can relaunch after for air combo to finish.

doom does ok for thanos, not if ur trying to go for fancy combos, but if ur just goign for simple damage, doom is pretty good. DOom Rocks plus THanos Space does pretty good damage too as most ppl know.