Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

-Metro City, U.S.A.

Nobody paid any attention to the imposing figure among the crowd. Nobody wanted to. Dressed in a black and white striped prisoner uniform and hands chained together by handcuffs, he looked every bit the suspicious type. But he also stood at least 6 feet tall and the prison uniform barely constrained his powerful form. Not someone youd like to get on the wrong side of. Topped off with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, if only the face was shown he actually looked rather handsome, but the prison uniform messed with that rather effectively.

The crowd just feigned disinterest and passed by. What made them scatter was when a large African American man dresses in a police uniform ran through the crowd firing errant gunshots at the man. The crowd parted and the officer had a clear shot at the man. What the officer didnt expect was the man to turn around and face him. The officer raised his gun, the mans eyes hardened, and the officer raised the firearm. The man rushed hard and hopped, spun, and thrust his foot out. Before the officer could fire, the mans foot impacted his nose. In the span of a second, the officer lay unconscious on the sidewalk and the man stood over his body. The man stood there for another second, and then proceeded to flee the scene rather comically when he realized he just beat up a cop in public. 

-Metro City Shopping District

Jesus H. Christ! Does that idiot ever give up!

The man called Cody was leaning against a glass window in front of a nondescript tv store. It was about 5 P.M., just in time for the Metro City News. Cody turned around to watch as some other equally nondescript anchor began t speak.

At this time, we have some very important news tonight. At this time, it is believed that the wanted criminal known as none other than Cody has returned to Metro City. We take you now to reporter Trisha Takinawa with one of this mans recent victims.

Cody was speechless. No words interrupted the reporters case.

This Trisha Takinawa where we have an injured police officer. Officer Edward Edmonds Jr. attempted to take the criminal into custody, but the criminal resisted and rendered the officer unconscious. Mr. Edmonds, do you have anything to say about this incident?

The screen spun and focused on the visage of the corrupt cop Edi E. If anything symbolized all of Codys rage and depression, it was that person. The person that put him in jail, who ostracized him from society, who took away his title as a hero, and who pursued him relentlessly to today.

Is was just doin ma job. An tha criminal, he attacked ME! I was defenseless, and an I don think a kin feel ma nose

Edi E. began to tear up slightly. Cody boiled with rage and his fists trembled. That pathetic louse! Goddamn fake crying! But before Cody could rage any more, the report continued with more shocking news.

It is now confirmed that the entire Metro City police force has mobilized a city-wide manhunt to bring down the criminal. Any citizens that have any information about this man should call the police station at 481-6654.

Before Cody could even pick his jaw up from the ground, police sirens wailed in the distance. Cody needed shelter, now.

In the outskirts of Metro, Cody was traversing through the wilderness. His face finally lighted up when he found a dirt path that led further into the wilderness. If he continued up this path, hed find the Bushinryu dojo. He doubted Guy would turn him in, being buddies and all, but hes always been on a justice trip since he finished training but Cody didnt have any other place to stay. Progressively the night became darker and darker. Trees became darker smudges against the sky, and the earth became almost unrecognizable from the sky.

Halt! Who dares trespass on Bushin ground!

Even though it had been 2 years, Cody could still recognize the sound of his friends voice.

Its just Metro Citys favorite Ex-Hero!

C-Cody!? Is that really you!?

Hey! The ninja stuffs cool and all, but can you please come out now!

Before Cody had even finished the sentence, there was Guys voice behind him.

Youre in deep trouble you know. If you havent heard about it, the whole city is being scoured for you.

Im fully aware of that. But thats not the only reason Im here.

Even when your life is on the line, the only thing you can think about is fighting.

A one track mind, I know. Now can I get some dinner?

The wail of sirens once again sounded, and the two friends moved higher up the secluded mountain.

Mmmmm! Whas dis stuff called?

Your table manners are disgusting. And its udon.I hear its quite popular in America today.

All five of them were in the dinner room in the Bushinryu dojo. Cody, Guy, Maki, Zeku, and Genryusai. Guy was the new generation of bushinryu, the 39th Bushinryu master and Codys best friend. Maki was Guys peer and rival, second in line to the title of Bushinryu master. Zeku was Guys teacher, the 38th Bushinryu master. Genryusai was Zekus master, the 37th Bushinryu master. All were dressed in similar Bushin ninja garb, but with different colors. Guy and Maki in red, Zeku in forest green, and Genryusai in deep black. The meal was quiet and friendly, a family welcoming home one who wasnt related but was as much a part of the family.

The wail of sairens had grown stronger over the past hour, but now they had stopped. Guy stood up at once.

Youd better finish your meal. And were going to have to postpone our fight. Were going to have enough on our plate tonight, disregarding the udon. The bells have sounded. Theyve entered the sanctuary of Bushin.

What! Is it the police. Are they here!

For a guy like you, probably SWAT. And theyll be here within the hour. Eat up.

Pheh! Pass that other stuff, the whadyacallit. When Im full, well kick some ass.

Maki passed Cody the sushi. Of course her single tonfa was in by her side.

Sounds good! I havent had a good fight in a while, but at least I can warm up!

Genryusai got up and walked into the next room.

This is SWAT, their best soldiers. We are Bushin. Ill be expecting a massacre. I hope you are aware who will be the victor.

At this all the Bushin stood at attention.

Yes sensei!

-Outside the Bushin Dojo

Flashlights and red sights swam through the forest. Black figures raced up the slope and shed light on every nook and cranny.

Move! Move! Stay close! Basic fish hook with flashbangs! Keep it tight!

An owl cooed softly and flew off into the night.

-Bushin Dojo

Zeku stood atop the rafters and crouched.

Theyre coming

Footsteps echoed around the dojo. A blunt object started crashing into the front door. The door started to bend and splinters shot out. The dojo was silent except for the slow rhythm of the crashes against the door. The door gave.

As soon as the door collapsed a flashbang soared into the room.


Just as soon as the grenade landed Cody slid forward and kicked it back through the door. Before the soldiers could even yell the grenade exploded and nitrous oxide and phosphorous blinded them. The fish hook collapsed and the soldiers staggered around. Before they recovered the followers of Bushin pounced. From above the leader Guy appeared and slammed him through the wooden floor of the dojo. The second soldier was rendered unconscious when Maki made contact with a vicious haymaker. A blur flew past Maki and entered into the range of the third soldier. Zeku spun and the back of his fist met SWAT temple. Genryusai walked up behind the fourth soldier and tapped him in the lower back, the pressure point rendering him unconscious.

You children have no sense of subtlety. But that is not the last of them. There is still the perimeter guard. Lets find out where they are exactly.

The owl from earlier landed softly on Genryusais shoulder and cooed in ways only Bushin masters could understand.

-Bushin Grounds

One lone scout crouched behind a tree and tried to reach someone on a walkie talkie.

Hello, hello! Point, are you there! What the hell is going on!

All the soldier got for an answer was static. The soldier signaled for his troops.

Aright! Somebody or something got to point squad! Move forward and stay tight goddammit! Weve got numbers!

A leaf alighted on the scouts shoulder.


Strong arms encircled the scouts neck and pulled his choking form into the tree. There were sounds of struggling, and then there was nothing. An owl flew high over the forest.

The scouts gone. I cant reach him!

The inability to reach their comrades, the silence of the forest, and the eerie call of a lone owl only served to confuse the SWAT team even more. It was a silent kind of shellshock. There was no enemy, there was no noise, there was no knowing where or what happened to their comrades. There was the fear that if any of them moved, the enemy would be upon them, but they burned with the need to find out what was going on. As more soldiers disappeared from radio contact, the remaining gripped their guns tighter, the sweat coming in ever heavier sheets. The lone owl flew fast and low over the soldiers heads.

Aaaaaagh! Get down!

And the tension exploded. The soldiers opened fire. Bullets ricocheted off trees and gunfire echoed throughout the forest. The repeating gunfire masked the sound of four Bushin descending from the trees and one framed convict charging through the brush. The soldiers continued to fire, but a shattered psyche tends to screw with aim. Bullets hit everything but the ninjas as they descended, wolves onto sheep. Within a few seconds, black-clad bodies littered the ground. Cody slumped against a tree while Guy kicked away all the weapons.

Whats going on here? Haggar would never allow this!

Haggar retired. Right now we have no idea who is in office and organized this raid, but it is safe to assume they are enemies.

Huh, how didja figure that one out? But seriously, wheres Haggar?

He still lives in Metro, and Jessica as well.


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