Parts for Custom Sticks,

I’m in the process of building custom sticks and I’m searching for parts and button layout templates. Can anybody help save me some time and direct me to a manufacturer of such things. I’m looking around now but can’t seem to find.:tup:

The sticks that I’m building for friends are made out of Maple & Mahogany. I should of been finished and had pics to post but I’m in need of the parts to complete it.

Ponyboy and Lizardlick.

Mahogany!!! DAAAMMMMN. I cant wait to see it. I have a giant piece of mahogany in my shop and I was just handling it yesterday. It was calling on me to make a stick out of it.

You have to post pictures.

Thanks for the info, Koi. Timoe, I will most definitely be posting pics.