Parts in the UK


Hey guys.

I need new screws for the plexiglass on my Madcatz TE round 2, anyone know where I can find some? I can only find them on FocusAttack which is in the USA… I need them in the UK really. I look on ArcadeWorldUK and they only seem to do buttons/PCE’s but no screws…



contact @gahrling‌

he’s in london, top modder, he can sort you


Hey dude,

Just need to clarify - by “plexiglass” are you referring to the original MadCatz panel or something you have modified?


The original panel. I’d like a source where I can get a new plexi faceplate too actually though. Am I right in thinking that the original TE round 2’s plexi faceplate has the artwork printed onto it, or is it replaceable?


The original MadCatz TE panel is not plexiglass but some kind of printed laminate that’s been glued onto the metal panel.

You can still replace it with different printed artwork, or with a plexi panel of your choice. I have a few plexi panels available if interested, it just depends which particular style you were after.

Regarding the screws, you can find replacements very easily from places like eBay or local hardware store. The problem is that the original MadCatz screws seem unique in the size hex key they take, all the replacements you’ll find will fit perfectly but will have a smaller hex key requirement.