Parts list for arcade stick


Hey all, I’ve been hanging out over at BYOAC for my cabinet but I wanted to make a stick for travel/console use. I’m just wanting verification of the parts needed if I want to go all custom. I’d love it if Purplearms cold comment on this as well, I’ve found his parts to be most intriguing.

360 wireless controller (common ground model)
ps3 controller
3.7 lipo batt (wired for charged through PS3 cont)
LEO v2 board
neutrik adapter for charge/pc play
arc-eyes/KNsert for shiny :smiley:
buttons and stick of course

is that really it?
can I retain the dual shock/ feedback from the controllers? I think it might be kinda kick ass to have a feedback style arcade stick.

Thanks all, and if this was already posted, sorry for a repost, I didnt find anything in my google search for specifics.


If you are going to do a wireless dual mod, you need a Project Leo board to make the SIXAXIS controller common ground. Leo 2.0 comes with the board and can fit a high capacity battery and everything! So, you should definitely check out:

I’m not sure if it keeps the SIXAXIS. I don’t see why not, unless if some part is removed from the PCB.

You don’t need ChImp. That is a wired PS3 PCB AND switch. I think you were looking for just a switch. Leo uses 4PDT switch. Or just Masterstrike

Masterstike is useful because it can be used as a switch as well as RGB LED controller. But it is much more difficult than FGWidget, but FGW can only do a single channel of color at a time. There’s also Sparky Jr. if you want to have an RGB LED controller that works out of the box. But if you just use KNSerts, then you don’t need an LED controller at all.


Thanks, I’m not really worried about the sixaxis, but I do want the rumble, if I can. I edited the first post, should be correct now, i think.

so to help me understand, the masterstrike will be my LED and power delivery to the LEO/controllers. The LEO board to channel the controls from 360/ps3 controllers, and I assume I can retain the PC playback since it should still just register as a wireless 360 controller in windows right?


Yes, masterstrike basically regulates the power to everything. Everything will be connected to one High Capacity battery. Try to look for an earlier model DualShock3 if you’d like rumble. My SIXAXIS pads lack rumble. Later models of DualShock3 can’t be connected to the ribbon connector of the Leo, so try to find one that is earlier than the newest ones available. It will be power delivery, if you can figure out how to use it. It’s quite an advanced board, and thus why it hasn’t caught on as much.

Leo only forces PS3 to be common ground, that is all it does, you could think of it to be “compatibility” PCB. It does not do the switching. That is what Masterstrike OR a 4PDT switch is for.

Yes, anything that can connect to a PC out of the two will work fine. Heck, the SIXAXIS should work if you have a bluetooth PC. But, yes, any PC that can connect to a wireless 360 controller will be fine.


awesome, thanks, I saw the vid for purplearms project and really like the interfacing, thanks for the help nerrage, btw, can I interface another board with the masterstrike, say an ipac32/UHID/etc or something like that? would really like this to be a portable mame controller too, hehe


I suppose, it’s possible. If you wanted to try UHID, I’d personally put in just a regular Cthulhu, and then wire it to a USB hub internally, with the other hub going to the Leo/masterstrike/360/SIXAXIS mess, and then using masterstrike to turn those boards off, and then the hub with Cthulhu will be used for UHID, then they will be charging those two. Or use a DPDT switch to switch between the Cthulhu Data wires, and the ones of the other systems. Unless if that’s not what you’re going for. You could put a USB hub inside of the stick, then wire one to a flash drive with MAME and ROMs extracted from your arcade PCBs, and then you will be able to plug into PC and MAME it.