Parts, Modded T5, Microsoft Zune and More!


Lots of crap lying around in my living space, so lets see if it can make me any quick cash.

Shipping only in the US. Charging 3$ for most products, sticks will be 7$ shipping fees.
I’m only accepting Check, or Money Orders as payment.

Arcade Parts

6X Happ Buttons 10$ for the set : Old buttons in a SFAC that I picked up, still work great after I added new switches.

Sticks & Controllers

Xbox360 SF4 Ken Fight Pad $25 : Used rarely, originally planned for MAME but the program doesn’t like the pad itself so I have no use for it.

Hori Fight Stick 3 35$ : Completely stock, buttons are broken in along with the stick itself. Still wired for the PS3 and is usually used as my loner stick at tournaments.

T5 Broken Stick attachment $25 : Friend sat on this T5’s stick and knocked the metal piece that holds the stick into place out. It would have to be either soldered or welded back into place. Would work great as a project box though.
SOLD TO AJtheMishima


Microsoft 30gig Zune 85$ Free Shipping : Old MP3 player that was outdated once I got my Iphone. Everything works great, although the battery life seems to deplete a bit faster if you leave it alone instead of actually listening to it. Includes the USB charger. The software can be downloaded from their site for free.

Interest Check

Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marine Army **85$ Free Shipping ** : Models used for the tabletop game Warhammer 40K. The army list rounds to about 1000 points with few upgrades. Everything is build and only needs to be primed then painted, or you can be lazy and just play with them as is. They will be shipped in trays from old Games Workshop cases to ensure their safety for delivery.
Includes :
1x Chaos Terminator Lord
2x Squads (9 models each, 1 sorcerer, 8 regular marines) of Thousand Sons Marines
1x Squad of Possessed (10 Models)

Yugioh Collection 85$ Free Shipping : Whole lot of cards ever since I started playing. Dates from the earliest set (Legend of Blue Eyes) all the way to the last set before 5DS (Gladiators Assault). Over 200 Rares including a large number of Super and Ultra Rares (about 45 or so, I can recount if someone is interested). I’d like to sell everything together but if people want to pick and choose, I could eventually sell singles. Green box in the picture is all of the holo rares, the other boxes are all sorted by Normal, Effect, Magic, and Trap cards. Also if you have any questions about what I have, I can search through everything.

Thanks for viewing my stuff, I should update with more items as I find them this week. Closet has a long way to go before it’s clean. :rofl:

9/1 Epdate : Removed shipped out items, dropped the Zune, 40K army and Yugioh collection to 85$.


If that T5 is mod is working properly even with the quick fix on the chord, I want it then.


Just to remind you I did want dibs on the SFAC shell and the seimitsu buttons. =]
(Probably get them off you this weekend)

G/L on the rest of your sales bro.

-Frankie :cool:


if that T5 mod stick works properly and riot gaurd dont get it. i’ll take it then


Everything works fine on it, it also has the original mapping of a T5 so there isn’t any confusion. PM for shipping info and what not.

EDIT : Updated held items, Riot Guard I have you down for buying the T5 then.


Yet another Games Workshop player bites the dust. The hobby is just too damn expensive eh? The new Chaos models do look super swanky though :]. I’ll have to think about this one, but I’ll probably pass. Not planning on selling any 40k bits or IG stuff?


Can you take a picture of the other side of the metal plate? If you are talking about the mounting bracket then that would be good for someone like me who likes to use a Seimitsu stick over a Sanwa. The mounting bracket has to be removed to install a Seimitsu.


If they don’t take the $35 t5 I’ll take it for sure


If no one else takes it I’ll grab that SFAC box.


new or old p360


Old P360 I think…?

As far as Games Workshop goes, I still play, just that Chaos got turned into a giant NERF bat.

Realyst: Yeah, the whole mounting bracket is broken off. In the picture it’s the metal thing on the underside of the plate. I’ll take another picture tonight and update tomorrow morning for ya.


My bad. I didn’t see the extra picture. You don’t have to take another one.



mmmm whats the logo on the bottom say?




would you possibly sell that T5 stock joystick pictured in the t5 broken stick case pic?


xombie- My pm box is not full anymore. Could you send me your info?


Riot Guard : PM sent.

MaDWak : Yeah, I got an extra one lying around. If you drive out to GameWorks again, we could meet up and I could just sell it to you there.

EDIT : Also changed a few prices around, will most likely be updating with new products tomorrow morning.


pmed you bout broken t5 case.


Updated with a few price drops and who bought what.


Updated with new items, 360 SF4 Fight Pad and a PS3 Hori Fight Pad 3.