Parts Reccomendations?

hey guys im looking to make my stick after seeing the rediculous prices forced up by high demand.

i only have a couple of questions sorry if these could have been posted in another thread.

Mainly what is considered the best resonably priced stick and buttons to use, ive seen so many different one sim lost, then i guess the only other thing i need is the PCB of which I will be using a mad catz control.

Thanks for any help as im not 100% on what goes into it however i have read many stickys and posts to gain a basic understanding.

Thank you for your time


If you’re genuinely interested, you can’t go wrong with reading through slagcoins site, you can gain almost all the information you need to build a stick from this site and it covers a lot of interesting topics

This picture is helpful when you get to wiring up your stick

and the sanwa/seimitsu sticky which you apparently have read might answer your questions about parts selection

Since you’re building a* custom* stick, do some reading and build what you want. I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but all the information you could possibly need, and then some, is deffinately openly available to you if you just read a little.

As a simple answer, I like Sanwa JLF’s, OSBN’s and square gates… but that’s merely preference, a word you’re going to hear a lot of I think. As for “reasonably priced”, 18 for a stick and 1.50 for a button is bargain of the century when you consider how much use it will get and what a joy to play with a stick you personally made is. Good luck.

thank you very much i will look into these its the sort of thing i was hoping to find. ill take a look and post back any questions that come up. again thank you.

EDIT: So i only need a stick, PCD and buttons for this? ive seen some images where people have much more and i dont want to not have the right gear, also what is that image showing exactally?? thanks again

What do you mean by much more? Can you point me to an example? I might just not be thinking, but AFAIK you’ll just need a stick, X amount of buttons (depending on what you want) , Quick Disconnects (.110) and some wire. Plexi, wood etc a given.

That image is showing the underneath of a Sanwa JLF stick. it comes with a harness with 5 coloured wires. That diagram just shows which wires will correspond to which direction, relevant to the orientation of your stick.

You read many stickies… yet you still didn’t understand what you need?

I’m confused here.

ok ill read again in some more detail know i understand a bit more, i dont know what disconnects are for and i already haeva case for it.

Take some time and go to

I dont think ive found a better website that will litteraly teachy ou step by step

just read through the site, 1 question do i need disconnects or can i just solder right onto the switch then connect to the block then to the pcb ??

You don’t need QDs. Just makes life easier if you want to change things later or just don’t want to solder.

im fine with soldering and can always melt it back off later on if needs be. so my purchase list looks oike this so far:


(I will get 9 of these, 6 surface, back,start,guide)


(This stick is ok?)


(I have regular wire for the rest)

CASE: I will buy a plastic case and use that

PCB: Madcatz 360 control

(is this PCB ok??)

This is all i will need minus solder + tools correct ??

Thanks for the help

EDIT: Would it be good to get an octagonal restrictor plate also?

i dont suppose there is a location to buy box’s that will serve well as a case? i see most people on the forum have either used a SE TE or Ex2.

Norris Arcade Sticks. Although they are trying to prepare a re-stock for the 15th so you’ll have to wait till then. Im hoping to grab one from there. Also in the trade outlet you can contact a good few box and stick builders. You could also just buy a cheap stick and mod it out if you werent that bothered, but I want a nice weighty wood box.

EDIT: Also, there are a lot of box’s that will serve well as cases, it just depends on what tools you have. You could buy a cheap hardwood or MDF square box, then drill your button holes and make it so the joystick is mountable. I was after a professional finish though already done for me as I have no tools or time.

i was looking at plastic box’s and other simple containers to keep cost down i have the tools to mod it if needed but was hoping there was a place with good sized cases with the intention to be used as stick housing.

anyone able to confirm the parts listed in my previous post before i order ??

If you’re going to be using a wooden box, those buttons won’t fit. Well, they can fit, but screw-ins might suit you better. OSBN is screw-in, OSBF is snap-in.

Basically, snap-ins grip up to 4mm iirc, screw-ins can grip up to about 8mm. People tend to use snap-ins when the top plate is made from metal i.e a mod of a manufactured stick becuase the metal is thinner. If your top plate is MDF or the like, you’ll probably want the screw-ins and either have 2mm plexi + 6mm MDF or thicker MDF, routed down to 6mm where the buttons sit. There is probably more ways of doing this, but routing down to 6mm has served me well.

Edit: You’re in the UK? I use Gremlin Solutions fairly regurlarly, they’re great guys and really friendly.

Your most likely not going to find a plastic case intended for stick housing, because if it was created to house a stick it will more than likely be sold as a stick. Im yet to see any of these sold anyway, but have seen a few cheap plastic sticks.

Theres an example

guess ill use a tool box or somthing of the sort so i can use snap ins and ill avoid the wood, they cost more anyway.

Yes i am UK based thats the only store i have found and they seem to have a good range of products so i will order from them, the stick and rest is ok then overlooking the button type ??

Yeh it’s fine. If you’re looking at JLFs then either of the two are fine, the only difference is the mounting plate.

You asked about the restrictor plate earlier too, that’s entirely up to you, some people prefer octo gates or circlular gates and some people square. I like square gates, but you might not. I’d say stick with the stock square gate and get your stick running first. If you decide after playing with it that the feel is wrong with the square, it’s an easy mod to switch gates in the future.

Good luck!

ok ill stay stock saves me 10 pounds, im still undecided on a case ill have to look into it more.