Parts to use to Mod an SE Stick?

2 hours so far no issues but I sense at least 1 stick is gonna shit out on me.
IF I go the modding route what parts are usable in the stick?
I’d like to use the same batstick my MAS sticks use. probably the same buttons too.

That’s the Hori, I mean the FIghtstick SE

I’ve seen the HOW to Mod but now what to Mod them with.

The first post in the FAQ on how to mod the SE mentions exactly which parts you need. MAS sticks use American parts which I can almost guarantee won’t fit in the SE. Not sure about buttons but on a thin panel you’d need around 2" of internal clearance for Happ buttons and I don’t think the SE has that.

With all the whored out Mad Catz threads around here, I think deep down you knew this information existed on the first couple pages. Come on people, I realize the search is down, but at least try.

Crap. Sorry man I copied from the wrong tab I meant to post this link. 3rd question down.

The FAQ is on the first page…

Do people not realize that if you type into google you get a really effective search that you don’t have to wait 30 seconds in between anyway?