Parts Vendor in Tampa, FL- Practical Electronics

Radioshack removed even more of their supplies, so I bugged the guy behind the counter a bit, was told to come back when the other guy was there since he’s a ham radio junkie, who told me about a store…

Practical Electronics
6205 E Hillsborough
Tampa, FL

It’s not big, by any means. However they have a wide variety of stuff. They had a brand of switch I hadn’t heard of. I asked, and the guy can order in joystick parts from just about any major brand. He can also order in cherry switches. He doesn’t carry them normally. If you’re in the area and need a local supply of just about any components, he’s probably got it, or can get it.

Very happy I didn’t take my wallet with me, and only took enough for what I’d need… I felt like a kid in a candy store. :wink:

I got a 6 wire harness (to rig up a quick connect for the USB cable), 5 surface mount led’s (making my own ring of light), and a bag of 100 slotted end connectors to make connecting wires to buttons easier… all under $8.

Really nice guy. I made a comment about Radioshack, and he said he tries to be what they used to be, before they switched to being Cellshack. I asked why he doesn’t advertise, and he said he’s pretty much word of mouth, so I’m bringing my mouth here to help the other modders in the area, since his is the first store of his kind I’ve seen in years.

Quick Edit: No, I don’t work there. I have no affiliation whatsoever. Its a store that is unique in the area, and of help to local modders.

i tried calling this place when i saw them in the yellow pages a couple of months ago, but nobody answered the phone (though they were open) and it seemed very unlikely to me that they would have the correct size QDs or any joystick parts. awesome to hear this though, i’ll be sure to check it out.

Awesome man, I’ll check it out. It doesn’t seem TOO far from Tampa Lanes

Hey Helcedi,
Want to edit the first post topic to make this a SRK Directory for local brick and mortar electronics stores?
I’m talking a thread about alternatives to Radioshack or Fry’s Electronics.

Well if anyone is living in the San Francisco, Bay Area, CA there is San Mateo Electronics. It is close to where I work.

San Mateo Electronics Supply

16 42nd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94403-5174
(650) 341-8731

I’ve been getting my .110 QD’s from there, and they carry a 8 colors of wire solid and stranded in most gauges. They have a lot of other stuff. Only thing is that they are kinda expensive. But they got bills to pay.

sounds like a good idea to me, assuming people will want to contribute.