Party Boy vs. K4 (grudge Match)


yeah, i have been noticing some beef up in this batch. So what’s the dilly yo.
K4 and them seem to have some tension going on. Is this shit serious? or is it a game?
Find out next time on dragonball GT…


Naw aint no games dogg…fuck wit Party Boy u fuck wit death.

K-4: tread lightly homie…bad shit can happen with that foo.





Man i hope you mean videogames dawg cause in a real scrap that foo K4 is gonna get destroyed. and Secondly my dawg Party biy will mop that foo up in any game too.

K4=boo boo


LOL u will want to take a shit when im done with you batchface =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O


LMAO:lol: :lol: :lol: . damn dawg didn’t i tell you to leave those Batches alone…


Party Boy doesn’t fuck around.

He’ll shit on your bones!


K4 is the true e-thug, my money goes on him hands down, he’s been holdin it down on the online streets forever, he’s so hardcore he even got banned.

He’s got it all the way.


all i have to say is, in real life, party boy is a thug and will squash on bitches like my af1’s. so, my money goes to party boy/jesse.


to my dogg party boy

please dogg didnt your mother ever told you to never ever hit a girl but ok to hit a BITCH!! if this batch talk shit i got a lil sis that can whoop his ass

:evil: :mad: :evil:

P.s blow his brains out


dont kill me !!!11111111111111

if u do … who will feed my doggy ?

heres a pic of him :smiley:


Party Boy been banned before K-4 was a twinkle in his eye. He got this battle on lock. I dont even remember his original name heh.


I refuse to keep up with this shit … unless I can unleash my FULL potential … and thats in the LEGENDARY K4s account …

UnBaN hIm SaBrE !!!111! :cool:


hey sad

he is not going to kill you he is just going to klean the toilet with your face you scrub… and your lil dogg too

:mad: :evil: :mad:

you fuckn:lame: duck

got milk!!!



lemme get this right. If K4 is the guy I think he is(semi short… about 5’7-5’8, pretty thin, glasses, pale looking), then HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…

Party Boy would mop him up. K4 says he beats the KOF players at AI? Uhm, that’s bull… 100% bull, Hell, I can beat him at KOF, and I hate the game.

K4 is pretty scrubby, and Party Boy is pretty damned dominator.



dont worry ill be over soon and quik(the same way you where conceive):lol: :eek: :evil: :mad: :evil:


lol nah thats your ass faggot


:lol: :lol: :lol:


Whoa!!! is this shit for real:eek:


fucking owned…

and once the party boy theme starts… nothing can stop him!