"Party(s) @ 00000000's house" Thread

Tell yo mama, yo cuzzin, yo sustah, yo’ friends…

Checketh here for dates and info regarding music, dancing, drinking, and debauchery @ my house (3 bedrooms, basement, house!)… Oh, and games too!

LOCATION: 2132 Dexter Ave.
Seattle, WA

MAPQUEST: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formtype=address&addtohistory=&address=&city=Seattle&state=WA&zipcode=98109-2413&country=US&location=3eJ0Xr2v58%2FZtqoorbB1HAeeUllHFNeRZdl33NLOAb8JvWhGdgb24c13sok0FEWoVTuW7t0RKImtTs91viwJR3%2BY%2BW5mGuv%2FqKebocOhRsgGpvAIQQOKVEQsF4jSLz9G&ambiguity=1

YAHOO MAPS: http://maps.yahoo.com/broadband#mvt=m&q1=2132%20Dexter%20Ave%20N%20Seattle&trf=0&lon=-122.343535&lat=47.638155&mag=3

GOOGLEMAPS: Uhhhh… it doesn’t link out when running searches. Cope.

00000000- Mon-Fri after 6pm; Weekends Generally all dae.
Aaron- Currently all dae every dae.

3 PlayStation2s
~MultiTap, Dualshocks, PSOnepad, Bemani Controllers, KeyboardMania Controllers, Non-Modded HRAP2s

1 Gamecube
~3 COntrollers

2 Dreamcasts
~6 Controllers,VMUs

2/3 Nintendo DS’s
~ Random Games

4 Port Router running 3.0/768 ADSL connection

3 Computers (None gaming-viable ATM)

2 32in TVS
~ Older HD, Regular

ADDTL equipment:
Turntables, Big Kitchen, Couches, Chairs… blahblahblah.

~ Celly 206.941.1834
~ IM ZeroLovesDnB(+hotmail for MSN/yahoo for YIM)
~MySpace www.myspace.com/ZeroLovesDnB

~Food, Alcohol,Sticks/Controllers (If you’ve a preference), Games, Memory Cards, Rekkids

We 'ave an older, 3rd, roomate that lives in the basement. Generally, he’ll be notified if we’re doing any shindiggery. Shouldn’t be any issues, but FYI regardless.

Tables are always open decks. We spin DnB, so that’s all we 'ave. If you wanna spin other stuff, check the BYO. I will clown you if you spin house. I will fall asleep if you spin trance. All in good fun.

Try to be repectful. We are in out twenties and we live like it. Try to help us minimize the amount of cleaning that needs to be done.

If you have to ask your parents for permission for anything, you’re not invited but that can be sorted out.

Alcohol may very well be present. Take care of yourself though.

Keep things legal.

Don’t steal from us, please…

Smoking can be done in the back, cigarettes only in the front. Please try to keep quiet when outside becuase of neighbors.

Parking is a free-for-all issue.

We’ll be in close proximity of one another so try to be clean when you come over, I’d hate to 'ave my place smelling like a convention.

Stay tuned for updates, dates, and such!

If I bring over my 12" of Darude - Sandstorm, would it put you to sleep? Although to be fair, I too hate house music with a furious passion.

So, is this a house/condo/duplex?

101, Sandstorm would jus’ be shrugged off as most jaded electronic listeners would do to it. Ha.

And we live in a house. 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom upstairs. I’m editing the original post now.

^I’m down any day of the week to swing by.

Bad Ass.


oh, an just to let those of you know, who have never been to zero’s place before…it never stops. I had to learn the hard way.:bluu:


Pretty good cames @ my place last night. Word up: Jason, Joshimitsu, NickYeah, and Jacob.

MIA: Dvasz.

You people need to come through.

PS: Yeah yeah, I"m tryin’ to clean the place up so we can throwdown proper.

I’m glad you finally got something going. I know there was a time a little while back where you weren’t sure where you were going to stay. Hope you dig the new place.

I need to make it a point to hit this shit up sometime.

Sooner or later ;]

I want to come out there.

I don’t kick it in Seattle much.

Any dae after 6 nykkuah. Although, I’ve to get some converters so we can start playing MVC2DC on the real.

What’s everyone doing this weekend!? 10/20+10/21 ???

I get paid on Fridae and I wanna host a hodown.

I’d be down. I just got Fatal Fury Battle Archives v1 if anyone wants to teach me old-school shit. Guilty Gear AC core is apparently on backorder from Gamespot. Boo.

Whatchu playin on what?

We have copies of it at my gamestop. I can get one and drop it off at GW.

Gah. I already ordered it online.

It’s supposed to be on its way but…ghetto shipping supplies no tracking number.

But thanks for the offer, yo.

hook it up !

hey man, if you could swoop me a copy, I’d throw down on it. Thanks in advance.

done. Will give it to you on thursday probably

Attn: Call Me After 6pm Tomorrow. Games + My House + Alcohol (?)