Pasadena, California players


Just doing an interest check here to see if there are Ultra SF4 players in a Pasadena, CA area looking for a local tournament or session. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I’ll include some of the other surrounding cities (Monrovia, Arcadia, Glendale, Burbank) also to get a general idea of player base. Anyone in those spots or other close spots please let me know.


I am interested, I am trying to get back into Street Fighter, Im in Glendale right off 210. Im looking for some people to practice with and learn some stuff!


dude ive been looking for weekly tourneys around. i live right by the rosebowl!


I live in alhambra


Just gonna leave this here. Upcoming tournament for Ultra, Melee, and Project M. PM me if you’d like more details! Clicking the picture will take you to the Facebook event page.


I’m in La Crescenta and I am super down for USF4 casuls/tournaments. Lets get some started!


I’m in Eagle Rock and would love a local place to go play