PASBR Combo Video Roundup


Since SRK was kind enough to start a forum for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, i figured it might be a good idea to start our very own combo video thread. Please post whatever vids you find interesting along with a transcript link if there is one, and let’s all share notes/thoughts/ideas.

It might be cool not to include more than 1-2 vids per post, just to keep things simple and not make anyone’s computer 'splode.

PASBR style exhibition / multi-character combovid / mostly impractical combos



Mainly shows what’s possible in the combo system and how to use various platforms to perform advanced stylish combos.


PSASBR: Kratos Combo Video by Persona / single-character combovid / mostly practical combos


Lots of AP burst combos from various starters, both midscreen and using wall bounce setups. I like the U+Circle double launch at 0:47.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Big Daddy Combo Video by Mienaikage / single-character combovid / mostly practical combos


Good overview of Big Daddy’s combo capabilities, from a few common starters. I like this video a lot actually, maybe because he has some really satisfying enders.


Fat Princess Combos by j8slim / single-character combovid / mostly practical combos


Fat Princess is one of the most interesting combo characters in the game, in my opinion. This is just the tip of the iceberg with her, but it’s a good start. That last combo into lvl1 super is pretty buff!


Nariko Combos & Setups by Clouddark23/ single-character combovid

Interesting ways of trying to catch people with her lvl 1 but I feel it’s a bit gimmicky. I can’t wait to see how other people try to connect her level 1 :smiley:


Raiden Combo Exhibition by DevilTrigger / single-character combovid / mostly practical combos


Raiden is turning into something of a week-one powerhouse! There’s some really good stuff in this video, including some stylish variations on practical combos.


This forum needs more Nathan Drake! #ThisOnesForSully

Nah but for reals good stuff posted so far. i’m really loving this game and having way more fun than i initially thought i would have haha.


Only posting this here so Maj can see it and explain what the hell is going on (and why IPS only triggers sometimes and not always).


Don’t worry, that’s not a bug with the Infinite Avoidance system. It’s actually just a minor bug with the AP meters at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes when a fake combo is blockable by 1 frame, the bar/number will count it as a combo anyway. Infinite avoidance won’t occur in those cases because obviously it’s not a real combo, and it won’t register on the Practice Mode attack data either.

If he hadn’t turned off Attack Data or if Kratos had been set to Auto Block, you could see that it wasn’t actually comboing. Unfortunately we found out about this bug very late, and it slipped through before we could fix it, but those AP bars were never meant to be true combo trackers. I still wish that bug could’ve been fixed, but there’s all kinds of crazy ways to keep those AP bar chains active indefinitely, so you can’t put absolute faith in them.

I’m not aware of any problems whatsoever with the Infinite Avoidance system or the Attack Data display in Practice Mode, so please rely on those instead of the AP bar counter. (Or just test combos the old-fashioned way, by blocking.)

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.


Nothing fancy but this builds 150 meter(free level 1) off the most basic hitconfirm with Dante.


1~1~1 xx 2 xx up+2 xx down+3, 1~1~up+1(hold), 1~1~forward+1


We really need to adopt an universal button system for this game…We can either adopt the one from the raiden video or we can adopt the one from the dante video…It would make my life so much easier


I’m fine with N1,S3,U2, etc. notations.


1 would be square, 2 would be triangle, 3 would be circle which would be similar to like tekken and mk?


a few random combos after my first time playing
and some radic corner combos



I’m not sure if this is known yet; I did a search and nothing came up. The link is a Raiden infinite combo, or rather a semi-infinite being as it’s still subject to the combo AP limit. The command is simply Triangle–>Square, wait a moment, repeat. It’s difficult to perform due to the Triangle–>Square–>Triangle extension, which makes it impossible for buffering to help you with its execution. I think it’s largely impractical, though theoretically, assuming you could isolate a player, you could do several reps of this to build lots of meter before linking into a level 1. Please excuse the ghetto video quality, I don’t have legit capture equipment currently.


some drake combos


Some LV1 Big Daddy combos. One is a meaty wakeup setup, one is stage specific, and one is just ridiculously hard.



Here’s my next combo video, starring Dante. His cancels may seem confusing at first but once you get used to them, his combos are much easier to perform compared to other characters.



Nariko Combo Exhibition by j8slim/ single character combo vid
Can’t wait to see what other people find :smiley:


A new way to combo into Dante’s level 2: