PASBR Combo Video Roundup


Jak isn’t a combo character not saying that he doesn’t have combos but most of the time it consist of only 2 moves so I wouldn’t think anybody put a combo video for him.


[media] [media=youtube]n01_QQGqgrU[/media] [/media]

combo setups and guard breaks with spike, hope you guys like it. I apologize for the quality, all i have for recording is my 3ds. Anyways, maybe we can have some people look at spike now.






[media] [media=youtube]QZpN5DtcChA[/media] [/media]

some mixups and up throw setups.





My first kratos combo video







dat juice for Cole




New Dante Exhibition video that highlights his style and combos up platforms but also includes a 199AP BnB.


Indepth Sweet Tooth tutorial!



Last two characters finished! Was a bit of a lazy job but eh whatever.




I´ve discovered a few combos with Radec thar are worth a watch. I´ve never seen no one using them, they´re sometimes situational, but can be usefull. The last one is just a ´´swag´´ combo with no other purpose, it´s veri situational and tricky to pull off, the third one is better. Sorry for the low quality.


Midscreen Kratos BnB. Generates 150 AP and it seems like it can only be performed on patch 1.05.



omg … that extension after the air spear :3

That was fantastic!! Great combo!


Some silly Toro combos based around Freeze Missile



A bit of a rambling tutorial for Ratchet. Enjoy!


<div>Kat Combo Video with 20+ Kill Setups</div><div><br></div><br>


sigh I really need to get back into this game