Pass-through/Body Glitch CMV


Hey everyone!

So a while ago I saw a combo video where a clip included the glitch where you pass through your opponents body. I decided to do some research about this and experimented a bit of my own. I think it’s a really interesting glitch and unusually easy to pull off. I am surprised that no one has done this, or that not more people do it, in “real” matches. It’s a great reset tool if you get the set-up for it.

I found some fun, interesting and cool stuff to do, and wanted to share with the community of it. It’s the first combo video I could find solely devoted to this glitch. Hope ya’ll like it!

And keep in mind this is SSFIV:AEv2012 and NOT Ultra, but I’ve spoken to people and they’ve tested some of it, and it still works in ultra.


I think the basic thought process is “why reset when i can just do roughly the same damage without a reset+save meter?”

I’ve seen the oni ones used a few times, but like with evil ryu why not just use that meter to extend the combo and or get better oki? he’s not exactly lacking for damage and 2 hit kills with enough meter stocked are not uncommon.


I guess the main application would be after a stun after a big combo with a lot of scaling. If it’s a long combo that doesn’t use meter you have a ton of left over for a reset. And if you look at Vega, he’s dead after two resets. It would also probably mess with your opponents head a bit, giving you another advantage, what with having more options on how to approach a situation.