Past Evo dvds

I’m new around these parts, & I have a question:

Is it impossible to find Evolution DVDs from the past? Other than the 2007 DVDs, I can’t seem to find them anywhere :frowning:

Reason i’m asking is simple: It would be great if I had the chance to study past playstyles & such. I want to see who was good at what, & when it all went down. Currently, I only have access to the IGN videos on 2k9 (which I followed over the live stream as well), so I only really “know” Evo 2009. The big games that have my attention are CvS2, any Street Fighters, and Guilty Gear. I know there are videos on youtube (& I have been studying what I can find), but it all seems so disorganized & I figured the Evo DVDs would be a great improvement.

I know i’m late to the party, but can anyone help?

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2k2 through 2k6

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Honestly this rule is dated, but join premium and you will figure it out.

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I’m sorry if I posted something wrong :frowning:
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Thanks much for the replies.

Ill ask a mod, no worries, we’ll take this privately, and Ill explain it to you.

I heard when you buy premium you get immediately warped to a magical fairy land.