Patch for HDR announced

I’m more concerned it fixes the bugs online, more than anything. Not sure what all this will fix, but we’ll find out.


Good news. Hope it’s thorough.


god i was waiting for news on this, so many bugs and stuff

Finally.i hate getting frozen in the black screen between matches.

I had a problem yesterday where whenever I hit jab during a fight, it would make the selection ring (Boy, that got annoying fast!)

I seem to be getting that weird glitch where the screen is black except for the lifebars/time and my character. And I can still fight with my opponent/hear them (no music, though). It’s funny when I win.

So glad to hear that a patch is on the way. I spend half the time just trying to get a match to begin without a disconnect.

I wonder if the patch has anything to do with this article :

Assuming it is true, I have a feeling we’ll see the patch when the game finally gets released on PSN in Europe.

very very good freaking news.

well if this patch fixes things i might actually play hdr again.

It a commemorative Sagat HDR eye-PATCH, sorry for the confusion.

i hope this patch addresses all the issues posted at the capcom unity forum, but we shall see.

There’s about a hundred different glitches so I doubt it will address all the issues. Hopefully the major ones will be resolved though.

Yaaa-HOOOOOO!!! :rock:

This patch will probably make significant changes, since patches cost extra money to submit to first party and probably wouldn’t be deployed unless they’re worth it.

Excellent news. Can’t wait.

ROFL would be funny if it was just an eye patch. LOL

maybe i wont have to random dp or jump back at the beginning of each round after this patch :x

Nooooo! How am I supposed to win with out the help of rollback and power bar glitches lol

Does this mean we don’t get the eye-patch?